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Invertible Light™, a Breakthrough in 3D Sensing, is Announced by Magik Eye at the 2019 Embedded Vision Summit

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Magik Eye today announced it will reveal Invertible Light™ at the 2019
Embedded Vision Summit
, the premier event for innovators who want to
bring visual intelligence to a wide variety of products. Invertible
Light™ is a new method for depth sensing that enables the smallest,
fastest and most power-efficient 3D sensing. “While Structured Light,
Time of Flight and Stereo Scoping Imaging are the primary methods today,
Invertible Light™ aims to transform 3D sensing in the coming age of
robotics and machine vision for the masses,” said Takeo Miyazawa,
Founder & CEO of Magik Eye

Current methods such as Structured Light have been around for more than
25 years and are based on legacy design. They fundamentally require the
projection of a specific or random pattern to measure the distance to an
object in 3D. The result is significant power usage, multiple components
and complexity for production. All of this ultimately translates into
higher cost for the consumer. Invertible Light™ by contrast projects a
regular dot pattern on an object using only a projector and an image
sensor. The result of this breakthrough in optics and mathematics is the
smallest, fastest & most power-efficient 3D sensing.

The Summit takes place May 20-23, 2019, in Santa Clara, CA. The annual
event brings together a global audience of companies developing
leading-edge, vision-enabled products, including embedded systems, cloud
solutions, and mobile applications. Invertible Light™ will be presented
by Takeo on May 22nd as part of the Emerging Technologies
at the Summit.

About Magik Eye Inc.

Magik Eye Inc. has a family of 3D depth sensing solutions that support a
wide range of applications for smartphones, robotics and surveillance.
Magik Eye’s technology is based on Invertible Light™ that enables the
smallest, fastest & most power-efficient 3D sensing.