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Investors Have Another Opportunity to Buy Shares In RenovationFind, a Growing Canadian Tech Company

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With a vision to scale their business across the country, the Edmonton-based tech start-up RenovationFind offered private investment and ownership opportunities through a Front Fundr campaign. The initial goal was to raise $750,000 to assist with their growth.

“We reached our initial goal to raise $750,000 for our first campaign on FrontFundr but had a lot of contractors and homeowners that are involved with RenovationFind interested in investing, and they had missed the deadline,” said Keith Riley, Founder and CEO of RenovationFind. “We decided to run a second campaign to give them that opportunity to invest and become part owners of the company.”

The second campaign launched today March 4, 2021. is a directory of home improvement contractors that have gone through a third-party certification process.

For homeowners, the directory provides trusted and qualified companies for their home projects. With the background checks complete, homeowners can find a contractor without the worry of being scammed.

For contractors, RenovationFind offers a certification program that allows them to build a brand of trust. They also receive digital marketing services to help them promote their business and grow an online presence.

“We created RenovationFind to fill a major gap in the home improvement industry. We wanted to help protect homeowners from bad contractors and promote the good companies that deserve the business. Most directories online are based on consumer reviews, which are not always reliable. RenovationFind is a data-driven website that is win-win for both parties,” said Riley.

The business model has proved successful. RenovationFind has had steady growth since its launch in 2014. It saw growth in 2020, despite the economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The funds raised will go towards sales, marketing, and development. RenovationFind has passed the $1 million annual recurring revenue (ARR). The tech company’s ambition is to reach $70-$100 million ARR in the Canadian market. The $750,000 and additional funds raised during the second campaign will help achieve this goal.

“The excitement and interest in being a part of our company are very encouraging. We really appreciate the support from our RenovationFind Certified contractors and homeowners, and we’re looking forward to the journey that lies ahead,” said Riley.

For an investment as little as $500, anyone can become a shareholder in through the FrontFundr campaign –

Details of the offering can be found in the offering document at This communication is for informational purposes only. is a free online directory of trades, contractors, and renovation companies that have passed a stringent screening and certification process. All companies listed on RenovationFind’s directory have been vetted and are continually monitored on seven essential criteria, including legal background checks, credit background checks, Better Business Bureau (BBB) membership, business license, business insurance, and Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Coverage.

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