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IOXO Introduces CloudWRX™, the First True End-to-End Cloud Computing and Management Platform for Business

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an expert provider of desktop virtualization technologies, today
announced CloudWRX™, a secure, easy-to-use and lightning-fast management
tool that simplifies the migration of workspace computing and related
technologies to the cloud for a surprisingly economical cost.

Available as a software-only solution accessible from any internet
connected device, CloudWRX offers mass availability of end-to-end cloud
computing by relieving SMBs and SMEs customers of IT burdens. For small
and mid-sized businesses (or even divisions inside large enterprises),
IOXO makes migrating away from on premise desktops, laptops or server
hardware so easy that even administrative staff can do in minutes what
typically takes days or weeks for IT professionals to complete.

IOXO’s CEO and Founder David Turcotte leads a seasoned executive team
with a long history of innovation in virtualization and security.
Turcotte’s prior roles include key leadership positions with Forum
Systems, Inc., V3 Systems, Inc. (acquired by Sphere 3D), Fusion
Multi-Systems/Fusion-IO (acquired by SanDisk) and Access Data Group,
Inc. Since 2017 the IOXO team has been preparing, testing and improving
CloudWRX with early customers and is pleased to premiere the formal
launch of CloudWRX for all new IOXO customers.

“CloudWRX makes true end-to-end cloud computing and enterprise-grade
data security easy and accessible to everyone,” Turcotte remarked.
“CloudWRX’s simplicity reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for
customers by eliminating the need for hardware, backups or even IT staff
on site. Before CloudWRX, small businesses could not afford—or lacked
the IT professionals to deliver—the market’s best cloud, data and
security technologies. IOXO levels that playing field for our customers
while costing less than traditional IT services.”

One of the ways CloudWRX improves data security is by migrating
customers 100 percent to the cloud, eliminating any local or end point
data. With true end-to-end cloud computing, IOXO customers no longer
worry about lost or stolen laptops, hacked Wi-Fi, viruses/malware,
keyloggers or even ransomware. With additional monitoring and services
added, IOXO customers can also be notified when end users try to delete,
email or transmit protected data. CloudWRX gives IOXO customer’s insight
into and protections against internal or external bad actors (or that
well-meaning but impatient CEO) while making sure that best practices
remain in effect to protect their businesses.

CloudWRX also enables the addition of disaster recovery and business
continuity plans for IOXO users giving customers the peace of mind that
comes from knowing the CloudWRX platform adheres to HIPPAA, HITECH, PCI,
HITRUST, FINRA and SOX compliance standards.

“No small business wants to operate without data security—however, most
just can’t afford it,” Turcotte said. “Now with CloudWRX, every small
business can have the same data security resources Fortune 500 companies
employ to protect themselves.”

IOXO’s CloudLock™ Tackles End Point Pain for Customers

Another IOXO value add relies on the premise that true end-to-end cloud
computing must solve the end point computing security dilemma and also
address the cost of managing devices. IOXO solves both customer pain
points with its CloudLock device. Appearing in every respect like an
elegant macOS or Windows laptop, a CloudLock is a secure gateway to
IOXO’s cloud computing environment that stores no local data. The
CloudLock eases onboarding because it requires no setup or
configuration. CloudLock also enables end users to experience incredible
computing speeds—faster than their “local” computers—without the burden
of managing PCs. IOXO customers also can access their personalized cloud
workstations without a CloudLock from any other internet-connected
device if desired. The CloudLock is free to new IOXO customers through
the month of May and CloudWRX is ready to manage it all today.

“In a nutshell, IOXO makes intelligent cloud computing and data security
easy and accessible to everyone—all for less money than traditional
computing and IT,” Turcotte concludes.

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