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IpVenture Alleviates Supply-Chain Stress–Late Arrivals, Damaged Items, and Missing Parts

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The shift from in-store commerce to online purchasing has been swift and dramatic as coronavirus lockdowns and disruptions trigger unforeseen changes in behavior and consumption. This year’s third quarter has seen Home Depot online orders jump 80% and Walmart in the U.S. jump 79%. Suppliers struggle to meet rising and fluctuating demands, while companies and consumers are exposed to all the potential pitfalls of delivery: late arrivals, damaged items, missing parts, or out-of-stock products. It is now more imperative than ever that businesses don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

To alleviate the strain on supply chains, IpVenture presents its Asset Tracking and Management Technologies: a platform to locate, maintain, and even replace your supplies in real time, at least by dynamically generating accurate logistic insights. The tracking and management technologies include location sensing that can supplement GPS with local means of positioning, such as using cellular or WiFi signals indoor, to better avoid positioning issues based on satellite signals alone. Users can watch their deliveries in real time on user-friendly presentations and can also set up personalized geofences and notifications to receive customized real-time alerts.

For sensitive items, such as those requiring controlled temperature environments, an asset tracker, with different sensors, can wirelessly monitor and dynamically adjust the delivery’s environment to better preserve the items. In the event of an accident, the asset tracker can provide time and location-stamped data, including images, videos, and other information to control centers that can then react immediately. All this can be done while preserving power; the asset tracker can be remotely controlled from a central office to adjust its rates of acquiring and reporting positions, or it can dynamically adjust its rates based on motion and remaining battery life.

The turmoil in supply chains this year has clearly demonstrated that businesses must be able to respond quickly to supply volatility and shifting demands. With these patented technologies and more, IpVenture strives to provide market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.