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IpVenture Enhances Messages For Smart Eyewear

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Smart eyewear has come a long way since the days when Google Glass was first introduced. As more contenders offer an ever-expanding list of features, consumers will naturally come to expect at least the same customizations they’ve enjoyed on other smart devices. To that end, IpVenture, with its affiliate IngenioSpec, presents Enhanced Messaging for smart eyewear: Users sending messages from their eyewear can include unique information about themselves or their environment—information acquired by different sensors in the eyewear.

Based on patented technologies, users sending messages from smart eyewear can include common status information, such as their locations (US Patent 8,176,135) or current means of transportation (US Patent 9,930,503). The information can be acquired from sensors in the eyewear. Users can also include more personal information, such as their current emotion (US Patent 9,769,630), movement speeds (US Patent 9,596,579), or their heartbeats (US Patent 9,456,350). Users can even include environmental information, such as the current temperature (US Patent 9,706,374). These features can be customized to be included automatically into their messages.

While the goal is, in part, to replicate familiar messaging systems, IpVenture’s Enhanced Messaging for smart eyewear allows a user to include information available to a device worn on the face. A heartbeat sensor in the nose pads of the eyewear (US Patent 7,677,723) can show your running partner just how hard you’re working. You might wish to show your walking speed as you ask a friend for a ride. You might even like to send the audio of the rain you’re currently standing in as you politely ask your friend to hurry up (US Patent 10,516,975).

Considering the evolution of mobile devices, such features are a natural progression in fulfilling consumer needs. With the distinctive attributes of smart glasses, companies have the chance to provide a comprehensive but unique experience to customers.

In short, consumers want a gadget that can do it all, and IpVenture and its affiliate, IngenioSpec, is ready to make it happen. With these patented technologies and more, they continue to lead in development of market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies. Visit their websites for these and other patents on smart eyewear and enhanced messaging.