Press release

IpVenture Introduces Directional Sound for Vehicles

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As wireless headsets become an increasingly popular option for busy folks who wish to remain plugged in, drivers have been left stranded. Driving with a headset on both ears is dangerous and illegal in many states, though it can leave a hardworking parent at the mercies of his children’s preference of entertainment. But what if a driver could listen to her own music without disturbing or endangering passengers? IpVenture is pleased to present patented directional sound technology in vehicles, a private audio experience that does not require a headset.

IpVenture uses ultrasonic and image recognition technologies to steer personalized sound waves directly to each passenger’s ears, providing quality sound that won’t disturb other passengers in the vehicle. The system can use image-tracking technology to follow a user’s movements to create a consistent audio experience. Unlike headsets, IpVenture’s directional sound doesn’t block out noise from a user’s surroundings, ensuring that a driver can remain alert while she too enjoys her preferred audio experience.

Additionally, to enhance low-frequency audio, IpVenture also offers patented multi-speaker technology to cover different frequency ranges. For example, the technology can include subwoofers to cover low frequency audio signals, and directional speakers to cover higher frequency audio signals, creating the best sound quality for listeners, while minimizing interference.

If desired, the system can also operate normally, with speakers filling the space with sound to create a shared audio experience.

As many auto companies work to bring entertainment into the vehicle, IpVenture has offered an innovative way to do so without introducing dangerous distractions to the driver. For more information about this technology and our patents, such as our recently issued patent, US patent number 10,522,165, “Method and Apparatus for Ultrasonic Directional Sound Applicable to Vehicles,” visit