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iQmetrix Celebrates 20 Years of Creating Great Experiences

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May 12, 2019 marks 20 years in iQmetrix’s pursuit of creating great
experiences for its people, retailers, and the end consumer.

Founded in 1999, Christopher Krywulak started iQmetrix
with the intention of creating a culture that valued and empowered its
people. In turn, that resulted in a company dedicated to supporting the
growth of independent wireless retailers through the company’s flagship
point-of-sale and retail management solution, RQ.

“Decades ago while sitting at my workstation at the steel plant I worked
at, I often daydreamed about working in a place where I actually wanted
to work, where everyone wanted to work — somewhere that fed the soul
instead of drained it,” recalled Christopher. “It’s been an awesome
adventure taking what I learnt from my first experience as an
entrepreneur starting a retail store called and figuring out how
to scale that workplace culture into what is now iQmetrix with over 400

Since its inception, iQmetrix has evolved into an enterprise-level
company, serving a variety of retailers from those with a handful of
locations to nation-wide brands across the United States and Canada,
totaling over 20,000 doors and processing over $17 billion in
transactions annually. Never having taken on external investment,
iQmetrix’s growth has been entirely organic — a feat which is
essentially unheard of for technology companies.

“From a focus on our culture to the business model we chose, we set out
to create a company in a unique way from the very beginning. We were the
first SaaS-based company our clients had ever dealt with; paying monthly
and having their information offsite was a foreign concept,” says Kelly
Kazakoff, Chief Operating Office at iQmetrix. “For retailers to accept
that level of change, we knew product superiority was going to be
essential to our success. We also needed to find leaders in the retail
space who shared our vision, were open to new ideas, and were passionate
about growing their business. 20 years later, many of those original
clients are still with us; growing from tens of stores to hundreds, and
in some cases, to even more than 1,000 store locations.”

Looking forward to the next 20 years, iQmetrix will continue to play a
pivotal role in the strength of the wireless retail industry by focusing
on solving challenges for wireless carriers and helping to bridge the
experience between carriers and the dealer channel. Recognizing the
broader needs of the specialty retail market, iQmetrix will also grow in
markets outside of wireless, building off its considerable expertise in
solving common pain points of multi-location retailers who are focused
on scaling exceptional customer experiences.

iQmetrix’s success is a direct result of the company’s team of
innovative, collaborative, and passionate employees. These are the
people leading the charge to cement iQmetrix’s position at the forefront
of the evolution of retail; moving from transactional retail to
experiential retail, as driven by ever-changing and increasingly high
consumer expectation.

iQmetrix would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to its clients,
partners, and the entire retail industry who have helped the company
reach this 20-year milestone. Please join the iQmetrix team at the 2019
Meetup, September 3-5 in Denver, CO
to bring together the best minds
in retail and celebrate two decades of creating great experiences.

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