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Iron Bridge Announces New Transparent Pricing Model

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Iron Bridge Corporation (“Iron Bridge”), a leader in healthcare interoperability solutions, announces our new transparent pricing model for its new Nuvola Hub Express offering. Having managed integration for thousands of Electronic Health Records (EHR), hospitals, labs, ambulatory providers, and state registries connections, we are proud to be the first in the industry to announce new transparent, publicly available pricing.

“Healthcare integration costs can be quite high due to the various integration standards and highly-customized implementations. As a result, our competitors have been hesitant to provide clear and transparent pricing, which has lead to customer confusion and high costs. At Iron Bridge, we’ve eliminated these challenges through our Nuvola Hub Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (HiPaaS) solution. The Nuvola Hub Express offering has allowed Iron Bridge to commercialize a once highly customized and unpredictable healthcare integration need into a predictable, cost-effective, and affordable solution,” says F. Bradley Meyers, Iron Bridge CEO.

The Nuvola Hub Express offering, delivered on the Nuvola Hub HiPaaS, is a fully managed integration service designed to solve simple and complex healthcare interoperability challenges. Through this offering, Iron Bridge partners can focus on their business and products by allowing Iron Bridge to manage and fulfill their integration needs. Publicly available pricing allows for current and future Iron Bridge customers and partners to efficiently plan for their integration needs through a predictable and transparent pricing model. Additionally, prospective customers can calculate their potential cost savings from moving to Iron Bridge from another integration service provider.

About Iron Bridge Corporation:

Iron Bridge was founded in 2011 with a mission to improve interoperability in an increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem. Dedicated to streamlining the processes of data integration, data acquisition, and registry reporting, Iron Bridge approaches the technological aspects of healthcare data store and communication with a secure, functional, and contemporary mindset designed to surpass the standards set by other industry cohorts. Our cloud-based platform moves healthcare interoperability into a more affordable, integrated landscape which, in turn, can increase the speed and quality of care healthcare providers deliver to patients on a day-to-day basis. Iron Bridge is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Nashville, Tennessee.

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