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Iron City IPA Forms the Largest Independent Physician Association in Alabama

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Five Birmingham independent physician associations (IPAs) today announced that they have joined forces to form Iron City IPA (“Iron City”), the largest physician-led IPA in the state of Alabama. Iron City will provide community-based coordinated and localized care that is focused on the patient experience.

The new Iron City IPA includes more than 115 primary care physicians formerly with JEST IPA, Princeton Premier IPA, Red Mountain IPA, Shelby Chilton IPA, and Synergy IPA networks. This merger will offer a wide breadth of providers that offer coordinated care including preventive measures that deliver the best possible patient outcomes while maximizing cost efficiencies.

“By forming the Iron City IPA, we create a stronger professional clinical community of physicians in our region who are passionate about a collaborative approach that can improve patient care for the residents of greater Birmingham area while driving down costs and improving efficiencies,” said Iron City board member Dr. Gordon Connor. “Each of our providers is committed to excellence and exceeding patients’ expectations.”

“Supporting the complexities of an ever changing healthcare landscape requires an infrastructure that can offer contractual and administrative advantages, while also maintaining physician autonomy,” says Iron City Chairman Dr. Michael Turner. “There is strength in numbers, and our strength is our collective commitment to deliver quality care in a way that’s personalized and convenient to the community of greater Birmingham area.”

Iron City is physician-led and jointly operated with CareAllies, a management service organization, and brings together independent primary care physicians who believe care should be provided in a local area that is convenient for the patient. Led by the primary care physician, each patient’s care team will develop and manage a personalized treatment and monitoring plan that is right for them. Additional patient benefits of the Iron City IPA include:

  • Ensuring patient access to routine procedures in a reasonable time with appointments available regularly;
  • Focusing on the patient’s experience and encouraging patient feedback;
  • Implementing quality of care standards that include regular screenings and preventive measures; and
  • Reducing hospital admissions and readmissions.

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About Iron City IPA

Iron City is a doctor-owned and operated independent physician association (IPA), which joins primary care physicians across the greater Birmingham region to provide community-based coordinated care. As the largest IPA in Alabama, Iron City brings together a network of over 115 physicians from JEST IPA, Princeton Premier IPA, Red Mountain IPA, Shelby Chilton IPA and Synergy IPA. Iron City was formed under the uniting mission that patients should have access to local, convenient, high quality and cost efficient care.