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IS&S Raises Delivery Rates In Support of Demand for Pilatus PC-24 Increased Production

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Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. (IS&S) (NASDAQ: ISSC) announced today that it is raising delivery rates on its Utilities Management System (UMS) for the Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet to support rising demand for the aircraft. IS&S’s UMS is standard equipment on every production PC-24.

“We offer Pilatus congratulations on the success of their remarkable PC-24, the world’s first Super Versatile Jet”, IS&S commented. The IS&S Utilities Management System is able to provide integrated control of the PC-24’s systems from within the avionics suite, and also implement a seamless automation of various normal and emergency tasks, all working to reduce crew workload and improve safety conditions.

The IS&S UMS controls more than 20 independent federated PC-24 systems. Its versatility enables automatic and constant monitoring of the aircaft’s sensors and controls the aircaft’s actuators. Along with providing more precise (yet greatly simplified) control of the PC-24 systems, the UMS alleviates wire clutter and improves system redundancy. And the IS&S UMS is an open-architecture system, allowing Pilatus to design and/or refine control and monitor algorithms, in-house.

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