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IT Solution Provider Stresses the Need to Automate Network Design Creation

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Netformx®, a leader supporting the IT solutions lifecycle from pre-sales to renewals for IT solution and service providers, vendors, and distributors, released today a case study that highlights the business value to IT solution providers of automated network discovery, design, and diagram creation.

Intense competitive pressures and razor-thin margins make it imperative to quickly generate profitable customer proposals. However, a continually changing array of products, services, and vendor promotions, plus inaccurate customer network records, make it difficult to plan network migrations and create accurate and timely solution designs.

As a CTO and IT consultant, Mike Hurley CCIE, CISSP has used Netformx Discovery™ and Netformx DesignXpert® to automate manual processes, enabling engineers and architects to quickly upload their customer’s actual network configuration and rapidly create validated multi-vendor design diagrams and proposals.

Solution diagrams provide customer value and increase partner efficiency

Hurley found that visual diagrams of the customer’s sites, locations, etc. were impactful for many executives during the purchasing process. Visualization is a key differentiator clearly explaining the proposed IT solution, while competitors focused on parts lists. Not only did customer conversations get deeper and more engaging, but Netformx DesignXpert improved partner efficiency and the customer’s experience by cutting in half the time to create diagrams and proposals.

The value of working remotely using the cloud

Hurley has had teams that were a mobile workforce, using one computer at work and another at home, which created standardization issues. His team was able to use DesignXpert which is fully supported on the AWS cloud and provides a high level of performance, even on lower-end laptops, and a consistent experience no matter what device the engineers are working on.

Netformx Discovery uncovers new business opportunities

Many customers don’t know what equipment they actually have in their network, which makes it difficult for them to manage their support contracts. Hurley’s use of Netformx Discovery allowed him to quickly perform a network assessment, automatically creating a baseline of the customer’s actual network. That generated new business opportunities, as they were asked to take over management of their customers’ maintenance contracts, identifying expired agreements and assets past date of support, and creating opportunities to cross- or up-sell.

The Netformx Application Suite provides innovative solutions that simplify IT sales complexity and increase seller profitability through automation, optimization, and analytics. They bring efficiency to the sales lifecycle, including pre-sales, post-sales, and subscription management. Netformx applications help Cisco partners and multi-vendor IT solution providers deliver solutions faster and more efficiently while improving profitability and customer success.

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Key Facts

  • Netformx provides innovative solutions that simplify IT sales complexity and increase seller profitability.
  • The Netformx suite of applications enables IT solution providers to reduce time-to-quote 80% and reduce implementation error rates by 99%.
  • Channel partners leveraging Netformx solutions report profitability increases of over 1% and in some cases over 5%.
  • Using Netformx award-winning solutions from pre-sales to renewal, over 2,000 customers in more than 120 countries quickly and accurately create differentiated, winning multi-vendor designs, quotes, and proposals, while leveraging business insights and analytics to increase productivity and profitability.

Supporting Quotes

“The soft Netformx value is its impact on customer experience. When we create network diagrams, we are supporting a customer-intimate relationship. And since the process is automated with DesignXpert, it would be crazy not to do it. It provides us a competitive edge. The hard Netformx value is time savings. We need to do more with less or the same headcount, especially now with COVID-19 hiring restrictions, so we need to find ways to be more efficient. Netformx streamlines processes to do just that.”

— Mike Hurley CCIE, CISSP, IT Consultant

“The Netformx solutions automate and streamline the many complex processes involved in creating profitable and winning customer proposals. Our applications automatically gather and analyze essential information so users can focus on results and profitability. We appreciate users such as Mike Hurley’s sharing the value they find in using DesignXpert and Discovery.”

— Ittai Bareket, CEO at Netformx


About Netformx

Netformx enables partners to design and deliver multi-vendor IT solutions quickly and effectively. It helps the Cisco channel increase revenues and create an improved buying experience for their customers. Developed in close collaboration with Cisco, the Netformx application suite streamlines the sales lifecycle for pre-sales, post-sales, and subscription and renewal management. It grows profit margins by optimizing use of Cisco incentives, promotions, discounts, and rebates. Automation and powerful analytics provide business intelligence and actionable insights that enable partners to eliminate manual work, improve efficiency, collaborate, and achieve better business outcomes and customer success.

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