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Italian Entrepreneur and Founder of PowerMe Ludovico Cianchetta Vazquez Brings BnB Academy

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Being an entrepreneur who built his first startup at just 18, Ludovico Cianchetta Vazquez’s success inspires thousands of people from across the world and shows them possibilities of what their lives could be like with the help of his thriving courses. Vazquez’s first brand, PowerMe which sold a power-sharing cable for smartphones, led to him raising over 48.000 dollars in its first month and selling its products to over 90 countries worldwide.

With BnB Academy Vazquez is redefining the way millennials approach digital business. Vazquez ended up obtaining a degree in PR and Corporate Communication, with which he decided to start his own career in the corporate world. Vazquez wanted more out of life and wanted an easy way to make money so he started leasing out real estate properties and listing them on the Airbnb website. Using his knowledge in customer service and of knowing what people want, he started making big bucks on properties that he posted on Airbnb which paid his rent and also made him a huge profit.

As the rise of interest in digital business goes on, Vazquez brings a platform, BnB Academy, to empower individuals who want more in life by providing an easy step-by-step system for entrepreneurs who want to build an Airbnb-like business. The project rapidly became huge and he decided to launch another project called Book Academy, created with the help of his business partner Francesco Crema. The new course teaches people how to build a passive income with book royalties. To this day both Academies together have changed the lives of hundreds and helped people who were once struggling in reaching their financial freedom and independence.

Instead of taking failures negatively, Ludovico took them as an experience which he then used to create even better concepts for his future endeavors. His mindset has always been positive and the positive results followed as desired.

He takes pride in the fact that he achieved all he has ever dreamed of and more at such a young age and encourages others to follow their dreams, looking at the bigger picture of what their lives could be like.

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