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ITAM Goes Virtual: Launch of Immersive “IAITAM World” Platform Expected to Transform Industry and How It Does Business

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The isolation and disconnection created by the COVID-19 work-from-home regimen is about to end for IT Asset Management (ITAM) professionals. On March 1st, the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) will launch “IAITAM World,” a fully immersive online experience allowing ITAM professionals to speak with colleagues, meet in large and small groups, access information from industry professionals – and never have to set up a Zoom meeting, be limited to their organization’s Slack channels, or dial into a FaceTime call.

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"IAITAM World" is a new immersive experience designed to connect ITAM professionals during the work-from-home regimen of COVID_19 and afterwards. (Photo: Business Wire)

“IAITAM World” is a new immersive experience designed to connect ITAM professionals during the work-from-home regimen of COVID_19 and afterwards. (Photo: Business Wire)

“IAITAM World” is the only 24/7 platform for the IT Asset Management industry to connect, network, solve issues and innovate for the future. Enriched with years of content from IAITAM and resources available from the industry’s leading vendors, “IAITAM World” is the only one-stop-shop for the ITAM needs of anyone involved in IT decision making.

IAITAM President and CEO Dr. Barbara Rembiesa said: “After the Annual Conference and Exhibition, IAITAM received many compliments about how great the event was, but I felt that the connection was missing. IAITAM has never done things the way others have done them and we always go above and beyond. This project is no different. I want to give IT Asset Managers the ability to instantly collaborate and work with fellow practitioners from around the globe 24/7, and there has never been an opportunity like this. The Zoom platform is about purposeful meetings but it misses the collaborative and initiative opportunities that often arise from non-planned conversations.”

Dr. Rembiesa added: “IAITAM is now in its 19th year of serving ITAM professionals. ‘IAITAM World’ reflects the fact we now have the same enthusiasm that we did in Year One to do the best possible job for ITAM professionals. We created ‘IAITAM World’ to serve the IT Asset Management industry as well as anybody making IT purchasing decisions for their organization. And since every business relies on technology, there really is something for everyone in ‘IAITAM World’!”

For a limited time, “IAITAM World” registration is free. Those outside of the industry are welcome to attend and explore, to see how the underlying platform could be customized for their use.

Reserve your spot now in “IAITAM World” ahead of the March 1st launch at


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