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Iteris ClearAg Environmental Intelligence Enhances Effigis FieldApex Platform Across US and Canada

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. (NASDAQ: ITI), the global leader in applied informatics for
transportation and agriculture, and Effigis
(Effigis), a leader in innovative
geospatial-intelligence driven solutions, today announced that Effigis
will utilize ClearAg®
to enhance its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered FieldApex
fertilizer management platform.

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Iteris ClearAg Environmental Intelligence Enhances Effigis FieldApex Platform Across US and Canada ( ...

Iteris ClearAg Environmental Intelligence Enhances Effigis FieldApex Platform Across US and Canada (Photo: Business Wire)

Under the terms of the software-as-a-service agreement, Iteris will
provide field-level current, forecast and historical weather information
through ClearAg APIs to FieldApex. The addition of ClearAg’s precision
weather information will enhance agronomist and farmer-facing fertilizer
management services offered by FieldApex across the U.S. and Canada.

With nitrogen costs of up to $70 per acre, FieldApex customers can
significantly improve the economics of their operations by relying on
ClearAg environmental intelligence to get closer to the Economically
Optimal Nitrogen Rate (EONR). About 13 million tons of nitrogen are
applied across more than 150 million acres of row crops each year.

“Weather is getting more extreme with every passing year, which has a
significant impact on nitrogen needs. There is a great opportunity for
agronomists and farmers to better control costs by knowing just how much
nitrogen should be applied depending on rainfall around fertilization
time,” said Nicos Keable-Vezina, director, precision agriculture at
Effigis. “We are excited to work with Iteris and integrate ClearAg’s
field-level weather information to help FieldApex enhance profit for
farmers, including by reaching unparalleled precision in variable rate
nitrogen prescriptions at the parcel level.”

“Like Iteris, FieldApex is dedicated to harnessing science and digital
technology to feed our growing planet,” said Jim Chambers, senior vice
president and general manager, Agriculture and Weather Analytics at
Iteris. “Therefore, we are thrilled to provide ClearAg’s environmental
intelligence, including the insights of our proprietary U.S. and
Canadian weather models, to FieldApex’s AI-powered fertilizer management
platform that agronomists and farmers across North America use for
essential decision support.”

FieldApex is a fertilizer management platform that facilitates decision
making while maximizing agricultural profitability. It calculates the
most profitable nitrogen rate to apply to corn fields for each parcel
and each season while protecting yields and the environment. This is
achieved by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and
interconnected data from multiple platforms. Accurate, trusted, and
simple, it complements the tools currently on the market and aims to
interconnect with leading precision agriculture platforms. FieldApex is
developed and validated by agronomists and independent scientists. It is
propelled and commercialized by Effigis Geo-Solutions. Visit
for more information.

About Iteris, Inc.

Iteris is the global leader in applied informatics for transportation
and agriculture, turning big data into big breakthrough solutions. We
collect, aggregate and analyze data on traffic, roads, weather, water,
soil and crops to generate precise informatics that lead to safer
transportation and smarter farming. Municipalities, government agencies,
crop science companies, farmers and agronomists around the world use our
solutions to make roads safer and travel more efficient, as well as
farmlands more sustainable, healthy and productive. Visit
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About Effigis Geo-Solutions

Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc. (Effigis) is a technology innovation company
that designs, uses and implements geospatial-intelligence driven
solutions. It serves numerous industries, including precision
agriculture, telecommunications, energy, aerospace, mining, oil and gas,
engineering, and forestry. It draws from a vast selection of geospatial
data collection tools to provide services ranging from satellite image
analysis to the development of custom solutions supporting land mapping,
field operations, cable network monitoring, and asset management. It has
developed and commercializes three proprietary solutions, namely
FieldApex, CPAT FLEX, and OnPOZ. Effigis is headquartered in Montreal,

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