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iTraq Expands Cargo Tracking Capabilities

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Thanks to iTraq Butterfly, logistics providers, ecommerce vendors, and companies around the globe can now track and monitor their shipments with an industry-first reusable tracking device. In recognition of its commitment to building innovative and robust tracking technology, iTraq has been granted onboard approval for its standard-setting cargo tracking device, iTraq Butterfly, from 13 of the world’s largest airlines.

“Garnering approvals from 13 airlines—and counting—is a testament to the sophisticated and resilient design of iTraq Butterfly,” said Roman Isakov, CEO at iTraq, Inc. “As we continue our mission to help individuals and organizations locate what matters most, we’re pleased to be able to offer iTraq’s advanced cargo tracking capabilities to shippers worldwide through our comprehensive airline network.”

iTraq Butterfly is the industry’s first recyclable cargo tracking device that can be reused in multiple shipments with a new cardboard integrated-battery case. The cost-effective tracking solution eliminates the need for recharging individual devices and generates economies of scale as the device is reused with successive cardboard cases.

With IEC compliance and RTCA DO-160 approval, iTraq Butterfly uses WiFi, GPS satellite technology, and cellular triangulation to track and monitor shipments and high-value assets worldwide. Equipped with light, temperature, and motion sensors that can be programmed to log and report at various schedules, the advanced global tracking device provides visibility into shipments throughout the shipping journey.

About iTraq, Inc.

Headquartered in Redmond, WA, iTraq provides global location tracking devices that leverage GPS, cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth data to monitor device status and location. iTraq Nano serves individuals wanting to locate lost luggage, stolen vehicles, lost or stolen valuables, missing pets, and loved ones with dementia, autism, or other cognitive disability who wander away from safe environments. iTraq Butterfly is a powerful yet low-cost reusable tracking and monitoring solution for shipments and high-value assets for B2B and ecommerce customers. Learn more at and connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.