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It’s a Tiny Blue World: the Smurfs Are Now Available in Augmented Reality on Inception’s Leading App, Bookful

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It’s been more than half a century since The Smurfs was initially created as a comic book, transitioning to cartoons and movies. Now, our favorite Smurfs come to life, like never before! The blue characters are stepping out from the big screen into our homes with the latest launch of the Smurf books on the Augmented Reality (AR) children’s reading app Bookful.

In the digital era, children are reading less while having more unproductive screen time. Bookful prides themselves as thought leaders in the AR space. Unlocking the solution to address today’s reading challenges, Bookful has transformed reading into a 3-Dimensional, AR interactive learning experience.

The Smurfs joins Bookful’s extensive library of AR books featuring top publishers and brands, including Penguin Random House, Charlesbridge and Hasbro. The books range from classics such as Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit to popular characters including My Little Pony and Transformers.

The first three Smurfs titles include the classic Smurf Cake, Smurfs off to School, and Smurfs Snow Giant. Stay tuned for future additions to the Smurfs series on Bookful!

Beyond the AR library, all stories include in-app games to provide readers with a magically interactive user experience. Learning does not stop when the story completes – readers are engaged beyond the text of these books, likewise for the arsenal of books in the AR Bookful library. A spelling game allows the reader to spell words from the book, and users can answer quiz questions related to the book, paint, and dance with their favorite characters.

Speaking on the impending release of the Smurf book series, the Smurf team representative shared: “We are excited to see The Smurfs come to life in AR – that’s as close as having them living among us in the real world!”

Discussing the partnership, Inception’s CEO Benny Arbel noted the possibilities of expanding the Smurf brand: “Smurfs in AR is just the beginning. With the ongoing rollout of 5G, we’ll soon see much more dynamic content created and we have big plans for bringing the Smurfs closer to our users in ways that were previously not possible.”

Meanwhile, you now know where to find the Smurf Village here on Earth. Download Bookful at