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Ivenix Features Smart Pump Interoperability with Epic, Advancing Patient Outcomes and Clinical Efficiency

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Ivenix, Inc., a medical technology company with the vision of eliminating infusion-related patient harm, today announced its successful development and testing with Epic, furthering Ivenix’s commitment of smart pump interoperability. This validation propels Ivenix to advance patient outcomes, clinical quality and operational efficiency in infusion delivery.

The functionality includes automatically programming the Ivenix large-volume pump from providers’ orders, reducing error-prone manual steps and variability in the medication administration process. The data from the pump seamlessly flows to the patient’s medical record, reducing the clinician’s time spent in documentation and the potential for transcription and/or omission errors. Clinicians are empowered and ultimately satisfied knowing the right drug is administered in the right dose to the right patient.

The Ivenix pump is the first of its kind to provide a large, smartphone-like screen which displays a barcode and allows clinicians to confidently review and accept medication orders on the pump. The built-in integration engine within the Ivenix System supports secure, standard interoperability, without the need for costly middleware. The system also includes valuable tools to automate testing, reducing the implementation timeline and resources to synchronize the drug library with the formulary.

“By developing and testing auto-pump programming and documentation with Epic, hospitals can now feel confident the Ivenix system works within their existing IT environment,” said George Gray, chief technology officer at Ivenix. “Auto-pump programming and documentation are valuable steps in infusion interoperability in reducing complexity and the potential for error.”

By boosting smart pump interoperability, hospitals can further their initiatives in medication safety and operational efficiency. With Ivenix, the ease and clarity of auto-pump programming and documentation are important first steps in raising the bar in infusion delivery, while preparing for interaction with a larger, interoperable information ecosystem.

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Ivenix, Inc. is a medical technology company with a vision to eliminate infusion-related patient harm. The company was founded to develop innovative solutions that transform infusion delivery. Ivenix designed an infusion system from the ground up to streamline medication delivery and bring legacy technology into the digital age. The Ivenix Infusion System includes a large-volume infusion pump supported by a robust infusion management system designed to set new standards in simplicity, intelligence and reliability. For more information, visit The Ivenix Infusion System is cleared by the FDA.

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