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Jack Karabees Joins Intercept TeleMed as Chief Operating Officer

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Jack Karabees has been named Chief Operating Officer for Intercept TeleMed, which offers comprehensive and affordable intensivist-led tele-ICU services for hospitals and health systems across the country, in addition to tele-ED/ER, tele-psych and tele-trauma surgery support and other services.

Previously, Karabees served as President and later CEO of Consult A Doctor, a telehealth technology and services company from company start-up through its successful acquisition by publicly traded Teladoc. Karabees was also Executive Vice President of Corporate Finance, Sales and Marketing for Entic, a cloud-based predictive analytics and optimization platform for hospitals, large healthcare facilities and others, from start-up through its Series A financing by Blackstone Group, LP. Additionally, Karabees is a veteran of the United States Air Force.

“Jack brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our executive team,” said Diego C. Reino, MD, President and CEO of Intercept TeleMed. “He has successfully facilitated the development of other technology-enabled healthcare companies at a similar growth stage to Intercept TeleMed, by designing and executing high-growth sales and marketing plans and establishing equity and debt funding.”

“I’m excited at this opportunity to further Intercept’s mission of providing hospitals and health systems with superior tele-ICU and other tele-critical services and solutions which result in substantial reductions in mortality, a reduction in costly and life-threatening complications through early detection, increased ICU utilization without ICU expansion, shorter length-of-stay for patients in the ICU, and, as a result, increased revenue and income for hospitals and providers,” said Karabees.


Intercept TeleMed provides tele-critical care using predictive analytics, AI and a centralized team of specialists to deliver superior care and transform the economics of care in hospitals. Intercept offers remote critical care from a centralized location where it has scale, can be staffed efficiently 24/7 by ICU specialists, and powered by the latest technology and AI. Intercept’s software optimizes the number of patients an intensivist or ICU nurse is able to manage through all-live streams of data. Intercept’s ICU specialists have the tools to direct attention where it is needed and provide real-time access to hospital telemetry, EMR, labs, and two-way audio/video into the ICU, allowing for predictive analytics and proactive care, in collaboration with bedside care providers. This service is proven to save lives, improve outcomes, reduce patient length of stay, pay back its startup costs in only a few months and save millions of dollars for its hospital customers. Intercept also provides tele-ED/ER, tele-psych and tele-trauma surgery support and other services. For more information, please visit