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Jetson Announces Launch of its Self-Service Voice Commerce Platform

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Jetson expands its intelligent, voice-commerce platform availability to
include the entire eCommerce market. The company has announced a
turn-key dashboard solution that enables merchants to upload products
and create a multi-step conversational sales channel on Alexa and Google
Home within minutes. Jetson is offering a no-risk free trial for two
weeks for clients to test the platform, prior to subscribing.

Voice commerce is expected to reach an estimated $80 billion revenue by
2023 (Juniper Research) and Jetson is preparing businesses of all levels
for the opportunity to thrive and gain first mover advantage by adopting
voice AI as a new sales channel. An NPR study has concluded that 118.5
million smart speakers currently exist within homes in the United
States. When considering that voice-first ordering is three times faster
than when customers use screen interfaces combined with the number of
these devices held by consumers, the future points toward voice shopping
holding strong utility.

“You can think of Jetson’s new SaaS dashboard as the “Shopify” of voice
commerce, allowing existing online retailers who may already be selling
products online through eBay, Etsy, or another eCommerce platform to
easily come online and start selling through voice. By lowering the
barriers of entry into voice commerce for online retailers, I believe
that emerging brands can achieve first mover advantage in a new digital
space and become a dominant player within just a few years. The early
days of Amazon selling books on the internet is a prime example of how
this phenomenon can occur. We hope our technology can help spark the
voice revolution,” said Peter Peng, CEO of Jetson.

Jetson’s dashboard makes implementing voice ordering simple for clients
by requiring absolutely no coding. Merchants add menu or product catalog
items to the platform and a natural voice dialog is intelligently
created within minutes. Partners are able to maintain their branding
with customizable dialog greetings and responses. Consumers are then
able to transact across multiple platforms including both the Amazon
Alexa and Google Home. The payment process is frictionless for
customers, as they may securely make purchases using Jetson Pay.
Further, their buying preferences are saved for future suggestions to be
made and with analytics provided to the restaurant and retailer.

About Jetson

Jetson enables customers to shop, order, and transact by simply speaking
across multiple devices. With the intelligent voice-commerce
platform, merchants can offer their customers an advanced, frictionless
buying experience enabling them to sell more, faster.

If you would like more information about Jetson and the launch of this
product, please contact Alexandra Kirkland: