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Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Materia Medica Selects Provantis Preclinical SaaS Solution

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Instem, a leading provider of IT
to the global life sciences market, announced today that
Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Materia Medica (JPIMM), has purchased
the Provantis®
preclinical SaaS solution suite
to manage preclinical processes at
its research facility in Nanjing.

JPIMM, part of Nanjing Tech University, conducts a wide range of study
types including general toxicology, reproductive toxicology, genetic
toxicology and carcinogenic studies. The institute, one of the first
laboratories in China to be awarded GLP certification, has won more than
50 research awards and obtained 34 patents for inventions.

Provantis will replace JPIMM’s existing manual processes to deliver
increased efficiencies in the collection, storage and reporting of
preclinical data, as well as delivering further improvements in data
quality and traceability.

Key Facts

  • JPIMM to deploy an extensive suite of modules including General
    , Pathology,
    , and Tables
    & Statistics
  • JPIMM to access Provantis via the SaaS
    delivery model, benefiting from a reduced IT footprint and lower
    support costs, together with the flexibility and scalability to
    support further growth on-demand
  • Contract awarded following a detailed competitive evaluation;
    Provantis recognized as the global market leader and the gold standard
    within China
  • JPIMM has also purchased a range of professional
    to facilitate quick implementation and a rapid return on

Dr. Jing Liu, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Materia
Medica and Director of Jiangsu Center for Safety Evaluation of Drugs
said “During our search for a preclinical data management solution it
was vital for us to choose not only a proven, robust and comprehensive
product, but also a vendor with the knowledge, experience and
capabilities to support our future growth and our aspirations to
increase our client base internationally. As the global market leader
and the gold standard within China, we are confident that Instem and
Provantis can help us achieve these goals.”

Jon Sparkes, Senior Director Sales, Europe & Asia, Instem, commented,
“We are delighted to welcome JPIMM as our newest client within China and
look forward to developing a long and fruitful relationship with them.
We are particularly excited to see JPIMM join our growing roster of SaaS
clients that have secure and immediate access to the latest versions of
our products over the Web.”

Instem has an established full-service office in Shanghai and supports
organizations through traditional on-site deployment , as well as
through its SaaS
delivery model from a secure, professionally managed data center based
in Shanghai.

About Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Materia Medica (JPIMM)

JPIMM, part of Nanjing Tech University, consists of four professional
research offices (the medical chemistry research office, the natural
drug research office, the pharmacology and toxicity research office, and
the pharmaceutical preparation and quality research room) as well as an
experimental animal quality check station. JPIMM was one of the first
laboratories in China to achieve GLP accreditation.

JPIMM has won more than 50 research awards (1 international award, 5
national awards, 26 provincial-level and ministry-level awards) and has
obtained 34 patents for inventions. The institute has conducted academic
exchanges with the USA, the UK, France, Japan and some South-east Asian
countries and established research partnerships with WTO, IOCD, TAMU
Institute of Ophthalmology and Pharmacology, US Bausch & Lomb, and HK
Fugao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

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