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Jiobit Announces Jiobit Protect™, a Personal Safety Service with a Direct Link to 911 Dispatch Centers

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Jiobit, a Chicago-based provider of wireless location-based technologies, has entered into a strategic partnership with safety technology company Noonlight to integrate with all U.S. 911 dispatch centers, adding another layer of personal safety to the trusted device. Jiobit users will be able to quickly notify first responders of emergency situations and provide essential information, including medical conditions and a real-time location stream. The integration will work in tandem with Jiobit’s alert button and new 24/7 monitoring service. These are just a few of the features that will power Jiobit Protect™, a new premium subscription service that will be made available to customers in Q2 2021.

Demonstrating its commitment to public safety, Jiobit also announced partnerships with various law enforcement agencies, including Los Angeles County, Calif. and Sumter County, Fla., to offer Jiobit devices to monitor and locate community residents who repeatedly wander outside their homes and become lost. First responders have access to Jiobit’s location features directly in their 911 dispatch console to ensure wanderers’ safety, give caretakers peace of mind, and save time and resources first responders typically need to find a lost person.

“The integration with our first responder partners is just one of the many ways our users will enhance their personal safety and find peace of mind using Jiobit,” said John Renaldi, Founder and CEO of Jiobit. “Jiobit Protect will add another layer of personal safety to our products that will be especially helpful for athletes training in remote areas, real estate agents, students on college campuses, children walking to school, and those impacted by Alzheimer’s, dementia, or autism.”

Jiobit Protect Safety Features

Within the Jiobit app, users will be able to set up safety profiles, including photos, allergies, and medical conditions, that can be automatically routed to a 911 dispatcher console in an emergency. The Jiobit Protect service with 24/7 monitoring will work just like a home security system with alerts to caregivers or relatives, who can dismiss the emergency or forward to first responders.

Jiobit expects to complete the 911 integrations and roll out the Jiobit Protect personal safety features in Q2 2021. Jiobit Protect will require an upgraded subscription plan.

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Founded in 2015, Jiobit shipped its first product, “The Jiobit Smart Tag,” in 2018 as a location monitor for kids. Jiobit quickly expanded into other consumer segments including pets and adult safety, as well as the government and B2B spaces. With innovations and patents in hardware, cyber security, network operations, and consumer software, Jiobit offers the world’s smallest and longest-lasting real-time location tracking device, and has become one of the premier hardware-enabled SaaS companies in the U.S.

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