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Joget Partner, Innov8tif Solutions, Is Marching Forward With Their e-KYC Solution to Become a Market Leader in ASEAN Countries

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Since 2011, Innov8tif Solutions has been building and providing end-to-end solutions for its customers built on Joget, from modernization of ERP system to digitalization of customer facing touch points. One of the key solutions that they provide is the digital customer onboarding solution featuring e-KYC (electronic know your customer) capabilities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & SE Asian countries.

e-KYC enables banks and telcos to acquire new customers through a fully digital channel at a much lower cost by fully automating the ID verification processes via AI and Joget. With their state-of-the-art solution making it easy for the customers to do business digitally, Innov8tif has grown their customer base from Malaysia to the rest of the countries in ASEAN.

Raveesh Dewan, Joget CEO congratulated them on his recent partners visit and said “Our partners are an integral part of our business and growth strategy. It’s partners like Innov8tif that really demonstrate and add value to Joget by creating and deploying end to end solutions.” Joget has always envisioned a solution marketplace and is committed to work with partners to make it happen together.

“Regulators of monetary services and securities in Southeast Asia are rapidly firming up e-KYC implementation guidelines to encourage non-face-to-face customer onboarding. While this is opening up a huge market potential of 655-million population, localization of solution in 10 ASEAN countries will be the key success factor for any e-KYC solution provider. Joget enables us the flexibility in customer life-cycle management and due diligence compliance processes to provide better support for this unique corridor of economies,” said George Lee, CEO of Innov8tif.

During the partner’s visit, Innov8tif shared their strategic plans to enhance and strengthen their solution portfolio built on Joget with the Joget team. “We will continue to support and work with Innov8tif to achieve success for their current and future endeavors,” said Hugo Lim, VP Customer Success.

About Innov8tif

Innov8tif (pronounced “innovative”) is a software technology company created by a team of innovators and led by experienced Management, set with a common goal of helping businesses to realize process digitalization roadmap – both in customer experience excellence and operational efficiency.

Founded in 2011 from Kuala Lumpur, Innov8tif has expanded its market presence in Southeast Asia. Built on years of trusted relationship, Innov8tif’s clientele comprises the telecommunication companies, BFSI (banking, financial services & insurance), multinational manufacturing companies and government. Amongst, many are public listed companies.

About Joget Inc.

Joget Inc is the developer of the Joget open source no-code/low-code application platform. Joget empowers business users, non-coders or coders to create enterprise applications across industries and countries. With more than 200,000 downloads, 2,000 installations and 10,000 community users worldwide across various industries (including finance, manufacturing, IT, and more), Joget is a proven platform for a wide spectrum of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and small businesses.