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Johnson & Quin Expands Full Color Direct Mail Production Capacity

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Johnson & Quin, a full-service direct mail production and mailing services company, is expanding its capacity to produce full color personalized direct mail packages by adding additional color printing, folding, and inserting equipment at its facility in Niles, Illinois north of Chicago. Johnson & Quin’s clients are seeing increased response when mailing packages with more personalization in color and as a result, are mailing increased volumes. Based on this higher demand, the company is adding MBO High-Speed Folding Systems, Pitney Bowes Mailstream Direct Ultra-High-Speed Inserters and MCS Condor Color Inkjet Envelope Printers.

“With over 40 years of direct mail production experience, Johnson & Quin continues to implement new technology and increase capacity to provide clients with high quality direct mail production to make their marketing programs successful,” said Andrew Henkel, Vice President & Principal at Johnson & Quin. “The addition of this new equipment in combination with high-speed color inkjet presses allow us to produce high volume direct mail programs with full color personalization in quick time frames.”

The MBO High-Speed Folding Systems trim and fold rolls of continuous personalized forms printed on the color inkjet presses, as well as affix cards in-line and match affix embossed cards. The Pitney Bowes Mailstream Direct Ultra-High-Speed Inserters are truly high-speed with the ability to insert up to 26,000 packages per hour. The MCS Condor Color Inkjet Envelope Printers scan a barcode on the personalized letter as it is inserting and print full color copy and images on the outer envelope to create a one-to-one package to each recipient.

According to Bob Arkema, Executive Vice President, at Johnson & Quin, “By adding additional color inkjet envelope printers in-line with the inserters we can personalize the envelopes based on the letter version or data for each person. Many of our financial services and other clients have found this an ideal way to customize each piece, target the offer to each individual, and increase response. “

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Johnson & Quin offers the latest production and data technologies including high-speed full color inkjet printing in combination with postal and mailing services to achieve the lowest postage and delivery costs. Johnson & Quin excels at high volume complex projects requiring personalized, variable data printing. For more information see, or find Johnson & Quin on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.