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Jukko CEO Elizabeth Sarquis Offers Advice and Investment on ‘Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch’ Season 5

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Utah-based Jukko, a programmatic advertising network that creates and implements mobile ads for purpose-driven organizations, has added another honor to the mix. New Season 5 episodes of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Elevator Pitch show feature Jukko Cofounder and CEO Elizabeth Sarquis as an entrepreneurial investor and judge.

Based on extensive experience in building and supporting purpose-driven brands and expanding companies, Sarquis provides her expertise on the business side of change-making companies on two Season 5 episodes that are airing now: Episode 6, featuring new ideas including reusable and sustainable straws, a gender-reveal game to support growing families and a distributor of sustainably packaged water and Episode 7, a green-focused episode on cannabis startups. A highlight of the episodes is Elizabeth’s advice to a female founder in Episode 6 which included her commitment to personally invest in the founder’s game-based company in exchange for a 10 percent equity stake.

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch invites entrepreneurs to step into the Entrepreneur Elevator and gives them 60 seconds from within the elevator to capture the interest of the investor judges.

The investors watch the pitch through video livestream while the elevator ascends to the boardroom floor. When the 60 seconds is up, they vote on whether to open the door for further discussion or to send the founder back downstairs as a “pass.”

The Season 5 shows introduce a new change to the rules of engagement. Unlike prior seasons, which required a unanimous “yes” to open the elevator doors, the door is now opened if even one judge votes “yes.” Judges can also choose to collaborate on investment offers or to compete.

The shows provide an ideal opportunity for viewers to observe Sarquis’ strategies in action for empowering companies that embrace the principles of social engagement, charitable giving and strong and diverse communities, particularly through strategies that are driven by technology.

These are principles embodied by both GGI and Jukko. In fact, GGI, provider of the technology that underlies Jukko’s mobile advertising platform, has been named by B Lab, which has certified 1,800 companies for B Corp status for verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability, as the B Corps Champions winner in two categories for 2019.

“We are passionate about changing the world through our support for companies who making a difference,” Sarquis said, noting that companies embracing purpose and social impact experience greater success in the market than those who are motivated by profit alone.

A recent poll found 75% of people will likely shop with a company that embraces an issue they support. Only 44% say price is the most important factor, compared to 71% for being environmentally conscious, 68% for social responsibility and 68% for giving back to the community. Company executives and consumers can learn more about Jukko by visiting

About Jukko

Jukko was founded in 2016 with a vision to convert time spent in mobile apps into real world impact. In a nutshell, Jukko is an advertising platform for purpose-driven consumers and brands. Through a social impact rewards system, we equip companies and app publishers to make the shift in consumer preferences for socially-conscious brands to meet their engagement and monetization goals. We provide beautiful designs and transparency to leverage technology and purchasing decisions as a force for good.