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Jump Capital’s Champion Healthcare Technologies Acquired by Private Equity Firm Riverside

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Jump Capital, a Chicago-based venture & growth capital firm, today
announced the sale of its portfolio company, Champion Healthcare
Technologies (“Champion”), a software-as-a-service provider for
hospitals to track and manage tissue and implantable devices throughout
their chain of custody to enable regulatory compliance, improve patient
safety, and increase cost savings by optimizing device utilization. The
Riverside Company (“Riverside”) has acquired Champion and combined it
with HemaTerra Technologies, a recent Riverside investment that provides
software solutions to hospital-based and independent blood and plasma
collection centers. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Since Jump first invested in Champion in 2013, the team supported the
company financially and operationally, with deep engagements from its
operating partner team that helped the company grow its revenue nearly
6x since its initial investment.

“Champion’s ability to attract, retain, and grow its loyal customer
footprint has been a remarkable story and we are proud to have been part
of the company’s journey,” said Jump Managing Partner Mike McMahon. “We
are very happy for the team to find a great home and future partner in

Champion’s proprietary UDITracker and WarrantyTracker products serve
some of the largest health systems in the U.S., and Jump has seen the
company grow its trusted customer base from approximately 125 hospital
customers to well over 500 since 2013.

“We were pleased to partner with Jump, who allowed us to implement our
vision for the company with the support of a true partner with capital
and operating assistance to effectively address an industry gap,” said
Pete Casady, co-founder and CEO of Champion.

“The Jump team thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with Champion’s
co-founders Pete and Tom Casady and the rest of the management team to
achieve this fantastic company milestone,” said Jump Operating Partner
and Champion’s Chief Financial Officer Pete Carroll. “Champion is a
prime example of Jump’s commitment to providing not only financial
resources for its portfolio companies but also executive advisory and
operating engagements to drive growth-oriented and disciplined decision

About Jump Capital

Jump Capital, a series A/B venture & growth capital firm that provides
capital and strategic resources for companies within the B2B SaaS,
media, IT/Data infrastructure, and Fintech sectors. Jump’s philosophy is
to align with talented management teams that desire a trusted partner
with real world operating experience looking for a target initial series
A/B or growth investment between $2M to $15M. Since its founding in
2012, Jump has made more than 50 technology-based investments.

About Champion Healthcare Technologies

Founded in 2005, Champion provides comprehensive implant management
solutions to over 500 hospitals and health systems. Its broad portfolio
enables organizations to effectively track and manage implants
throughout their life cycle (i.e., receipt to explant) to improve
patient safety, reduce costs, and minimize risk. Through deep
integration with vendors, system-wide visibility into implants, and
robust analytics, Champion empowers organizations to drive meaningful