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JupiterOne Adds Strategic Investors to Drive Expansion of its innovative Cyber Asset Security and Governance Platform

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JupiterOne, Inc., announced today that several new industry leaders across SaaS and Cybersecurity organizations have joined their strategic board of investors. Frederic Kerrest, Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, and co-founder of Okta, Sri Viswanath, CTO of Atlassian, Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye, and Jason Chan, Vice President of Information Security at Netflix have joined the JupiterOne team as strategic individual investors.

“We are pleased to welcome our new strategic investors,” said Erkang Zheng, founder and CEO of JupiterOne. “This group of leaders has a rich history of achievement. They have built top publicly traded companies and innovative security technologies that are used in every company on the planet. We are excited to have them in our corner, to help guide us, as we build the industry leading cyber asset security and governance platform at JupiterOne.”

JupiterOne will apply the expertise of their diverse investors to build on current momentum and scale to meet growing customer demand for cyber asset visibility and governance. The company plans to invest in continued platform expansion including new innovative features while growing its sales and marketing teams to accelerate customer growth and reach. Current customers include leading cloud-native organizations such as Databricks, HashiCorp, DivvyPay, Addepar, Auth0 and OhMD. JupiterOne’s current investors include Bain Capital Ventures, Rain Capital, 11.2 Capital, and LifeOmic.

“We believe that securing your enterprise starts with a deep understanding of your environment. Security visibility is not just observability, but true understanding and insights that can only come from seeing how the dots are connected. We help our customers get answers to the questions that matter — not just the ‘What’ but more importantly, the ‘So what,’” said Erkang Zheng.

“JupiterOne not only gives organizations visibility into their cyber assets, it offers them a deep understanding of their environment — and that’s not possible with just any point solution,” said Frederic Kerrest, Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, and co-founder of Okta. “If you can connect the dots from a cyber asset back to its owner, you can better triage and address issues, and that is incredibly valuable.”

JupiterOne helps companies discover and navigate the increasingly complex universe of cybersecurity and governance. JupiterOne’s platform allows you to take command of your cyber assets and relationships by automating asset discovery, data-driven visibility, and compliance as a critical foundation for cyber security.

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JupiterOne is a knowledge base for all of your cyber assets and relationships, a platform for security engineering and automation, a virtual assistant to the security operations team, and a lightweight system to achieve continuous compliance as code.

JupiterOne’s platform enables security teams to take command of their entire digital environment and cyber assets base. Know more, and fear less with JupiterOne.

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