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Juris Announces Launch of A.I. Powered Software to Help People Solve Their Own Legal Problems

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Legal technology company Juris has announced the launch of their service, DepositLetter, an online tool built to recover illegally withheld security deposits on behalf of renters. Customers complete a five-minute online interview and Juris does the rest automatically to show their former landlord that they know their rights under the law, to demand their money back, and even threaten to sue. DepositLetter is the first service built on the Juris Virtual Legal Assistant platform, a law-powered A.I. expert system made to help people solve their own legal problems. Without a lawyer.

Legal Access and “Legal Health”

The founders of Juris recognized that the average lawyer fee has risen above $250 per hour in the United States, and that nearly 200 million Americans are unable to get the legal help they deserve. They decided to address this issue by developing simple, affordable, law-powered technology to provide all Americans access to legal services. With this technology, Juris is able to help their customers strive toward “legal health,” a term the team uses to represent the power, and peace of mind, that comes with access to the legal knowledge and legal tools to defend your rights, enforce your rights, and plan ahead. And the Juris team has been excited to see other leaders like Richard Susskind introducing legal health to the rest of the world.


A customer struggling to get their security deposit back from a predatory landlord can use the Juris DepositLetter virtual assistant to take action. DepositLetter asks the customer a series of simple questions, like a lawyer would. With the information gathered from this interview, the Juris assistant quickly and automatically drafts a customized demand letter which recounts the facts, invokes relevant laws, and threatens further action if the cash is not returned. After the customer signs off, the system automatically mails the letter, and tracks it in transit to provide updates for customers. Very frequently, this letter alone is enough to end a dispute, often with the recovery of funds. The DepositLetter assistant empowers Juris customers to do in five minutes what would take hours (and possibly cost over $1,000) with a lawyer. In their limited December 2019 beta launch, Juris recovered over $12,000 in security deposit cash for customers.

Global Impact

T. Dalton Combs, Juris advisor, and Head of Behavioral Science at, is bullish on the possibilities: “As a behavioral scientist I am always on the lookout for technology that helps humans achieve their best selves. It’s exciting to see that Juris is using technology to streamline the legal system to accomplish this objective.” Said Dalton, “Access to justice is a fundamental requirement for human thriving.”

The co-founders of Juris announced in a statement, “Today is a landmark day for all people, particularly the 200 million underserved and under-resourced Americans who have been priced out of knowing their rights, enforcing their rights, improving their legal health, and recovering funds that rightfully belong to them. They now have a simpler, more cost-effective way to access the legal system, and access justice.”

Get Your Security Deposit Back, or Get Your Money Back

Juris is currently offering DepositLetter at $14.95, with a success or your money back guarantee. DepositLetter is currently available in seventeen states, effectively covering more than 60% of the US population. Juris intends to make DepositLetter available in all fifty states by the end of 2020.

To get Juris as your Virtual Legal Assistant, visit or and use code LEGALHEALTH for a discount.

Reach Juris on Twitter (@getjuris) or through the chat on their site.

About Juris: Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and co-founded by Adam Kerpelman, Ethan Mackay, Konstantin Brazhnik, and Damien Amey, Juris is weaving artificial intelligence and automation into legal technology to provide customers with resources to enforce their rights and recover capital owed to them. Juris was initially developed by Adam, Ethan and their renowned civil rights attorney father Saul Kerpelman while taking part in Harvard University’s Advanced Leadership Initiative. Juris is supported by Columbia Entrepreneurship.