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Just Media and Bidtellect Announce Deepened Partnership

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After significant performance-testing across demand-side platforms, Just
Media, a leading global integrated media and creative content agency,
has continued to grow their partnership with Bidtellect, a leading
content distribution demand-side platform for Native Advertising. With
an increased demand for Native, Bidtellect was shown to offer the scale,
performance, and analytics capabilities to meet the needs and demands of
Just Media’s roster of world class clients.

Just Media initially noticed gaps in the B2B market, with DSPs often
unable to penetrate the Native Advertising space and offer tangible
analytics on engagements and conversions. With Adblocking and “banner
blindness” becoming increasingly prevalent, content advertising with
strong contextual-driven decisioning offers an alternative to close the
engagement gap.

“Intent has become an important part of our B2B campaigns across
clients,” said Kathryn Nassar, Media Account Manager at Just Media.
“Most of the data segments that judge intent do so by monitoring content
registration, downloads, views and general consumption against certain
topics. With Bidtellect’s contextual targeting we can strategically
deliver ads next to the content helping to power that data,
complementing our other intent strategies and delivering deep engagement
with our content.”

Bidtellect’s contextual optimization capabilities enabled content to go
beyond where standard banner and display ads can reach: in front of the
eyes of decision-makers like CTOs and CIOs for meaningful engagement.

“When your campaign is about thought leadership and you want your
audience to consume your content, context of Native Ads is everything,”
adds Nassar. “With Bidtellect, you have a purpose-built platform paired
with a contextual targeting solution that has benefitted campaign
performance greatly across clients, often resulting in campaign leading

Just Media initially integrated Bidtellect with a few of their clients.
After testing, they immediately integrated Bidtellect with an increasing
amount of their partner brands – with more currently in the pipeline.
Just Media leverages Bidtellect in addition to other programmatic
platforms and demand-side platforms based on client needs, with
Bidtellect the Native DSP solution for clients seeking content
distribution as an acquisition and engagement strategy.

“Understanding a decision maker’s consideration cycle lies in gaining
insight into their engagement behaviors,” said Anthony Lopez, Media
Platforms Manager at Just Media. “In a data-driven age, engagement data
often comes in as mid/post campaign insight and optimization.
Bidtellect’s Engagement pixel allows you to leverage and algorithmically
prioritize these invaluable metrics in real-time to deliver performance
that matters.”

“As more and more Marketers are leading with content to effectively
engage consumers and key decision makers, we’re thrilled to continue to
support Just Media with advanced capabilities to drive results for their
clients and further our partnership,” adds Craig Aron, Senior Vice
President of Growth and Strategic Business Development at Bidtellect.
“Just Media and Bidtellect are excited to join forces and expand its
Native demand-side programmatic efforts with more of Just Media’s
clients in the near future.”

About Just Media

Just Media is an independent, integrated media and creative content
agency. We dedicate ourselves to go above and beyond for our clients by
providing innovation that delivers growth with purpose. We invest in
innovation by investing in our people and operate with the belief that
leading with values is good for not only business but the world around
us. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, we work with a host
of high-growth B2B, B2C, and DTC brands. Mostly, we’re a bunch of
passionate media geeks who love getting under the covers and being a
true partner to grow our clients’ businesses.

About Bidtellect

Bidtellect is the performance platform for the content driven marketer:
one platform to execute Native campaigns across all formats and devices
including text, imagery, and video with unparalleled scale. Marketers
leverage Bidtellect’s proprietary real-time optimization algorithms,
first- and third- party data targeting, advanced KPI and dynamic
creative optimization, and a team of industry experts to drive real
results for paid content distribution campaigns to deliver smart