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Kahuna’s New API Framework Provides Easy Integration With Enterprise HR Management Solutions

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Kahuna Workforce Solutions, the leading provider of competency and skills management software, announced the launch of an open application programming interface (API) framework to allow its customers to obtain more value from other technologies in their HR Systems Landscape.

Kahuna’s API framework was developed to address the demand from customers that want to utilize its purpose-built competency management platform in conjunction with other software providers that have already been adopted or technologies they may onboard in the future. Specifically, there is a tremendous amount of value in tying a competency management platform to the core HR system, which is why Kahuna’s API supports integrations with Workday, Oracle, Success Factors, and other leading providers in the space.

Fugro, a customer that recently selected Kahuna, stated one of the primary drivers was due to “seamless integration with Workday, which we use to manage our core HR processes. Out-of-the-box integration was key to selecting our competency management partner.”

In addition to integrations with human capital management solutions, Kahuna has also seen demand in integrating with learning management systems. “Competency management plays a key role in the learning and development processes, therefore, being able to push and pull data from learning management systems like Saba, Cornerstone, and SumTotal are core to developing a modern learning plan for today’s workers,” says Jai Shah, CEO of Kahuna Workforce Solutions. “Over 90% of our current customers are utilizing these integrations and all of our prospective conversations involve integration. It is clear that companies want to take a more strategic approach to their Learning Applications Landscape. This will only increase as concepts such as xAPI are adopted more broadly. We are well-positioned to be leaders in how to leverage data to inform competence.”

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