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Kaizen Ad Named One of Eight Trusted Google Creative Partners to Drive Better App Campaign Results With Creative at Scale

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Google names leading ad creative platform, Kaizen Ad, an App preferred
creative partner. Kaizen Ad is one of only eight agencies chosen for
this partnership – agencies trusted by Google to help scale the adoption
of creative best practices and to work with advertisers to develop ad
assets that can succeed across Google’s networks and inventory.

Kaizen Ad founder and CEO Kenji Sudo says, “We are honored to be a part
of this select group of partners. As app marketers shift their attention
towards creative optimization, many still suffer from gaps in creative
development resources and expertise. Using Kaizen Ad’s services,
marketers can harness leading-edge automation technologies and drive
better performance with quality assets.”

Tapping into Kaizen Ad’s intelligent creative platform and its network
of experienced designers, app marketers can quickly ramp up asset
production and test a larger number of creatives across the full range
of Google’s app formats. Kaizen Ad’s professional designers also have
region-specific knowledge and expertise to adapt advertisers’ app ads to
their target markets, whether those be in North America, South America,
or Asia Pacific, empowering businesses to expand reach beyond their
immediate market.


Kaizen Ad delivers among the highest-quality video ad creatives in the
world. Kaizen Ad enables marketers to easily replace and iterate
creative variations at scale to optimize their campaign performance
through continuous improvement. Our intelligent creative brief process
and global network of top-tier designers provide engaging creatives with
fast turnaround times and deliver real impact for advertisers. Kaizen
Ad’s design Optimizers specialise in mobile advertising creative
development in different regions, including key markets in North
America, South America, and Asia Pacific.


Kaizen Platform, Inc. was founded in 2013 by a group of leading
marketing technology professionals, including current CEO Kenji Sudo,
who led the Recruit Group’s ad technology division as the company’s
youngest executive. Kaizen Platform, Inc. was built to combine
world-class optimization technology with a network of talented
Optimizers to rapidly improve ad experiences through continuous A/B
testing. Kaizen Platform Inc. helps marketers achieve incredible results
through optimizing website user interfaces and maximizing digital
(banner and video) advertising creative performance.

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