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Kaspersky Supports National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week to Build a Stronger Cybersecurity Workforce

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Kaspersky North America today announces its support of National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week (NCCAW), put on by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, from November 9 – 14. Kaspersky joins the mission to spread awareness of opportunities within the cybersecurity field and encourage greater diversity within the industry’s workforce.

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According to CyberSeek, currently there are over 300,000 jobs open in cybersecurity and the national cybersecurity workforce is expected to experience a shortfall of 1.8 million professionals by 2022. Within this shortfall beyond technical positions, the cybersecurity workforce is also in need of roles that manage business operations.

In addition, studies have shown that the cybersecurity industry is dominated by men with only 24% of the workforce made up by women. This lack of representation could indicate that young women are not aware of careers or fields of study in IT security. These concerning deficits could be filled by local talent if exposed early to available educational resources for career entry, and adults if they are reskilled to assume cybersecurity work roles.

To showcase the variety of roles within the cybersecurity workforce, Kaspersky is promoting initiatives during NCCAW. This includes a partnership with women-in-tech influencer, @CodingBlonde, hosting a live AMA session that will be joined by leading female researchers from the Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team, as well as sharing daily videos of employees discussing their personal experiences in industry.

“For the cybersecurity industry to operate, there are a variety of high-demand professions that many don’t associate with the field,” said Rob Cataldo, managing director, Kaspersky North America. “Not only do we need diverse threat researchers, R&D and technical support, but we also need accountants, lawyers, communication specialists, sales managers and the like. NCCAW is a great opportunity to highlight the endless opportunities that the industry has to offer in careers and fields of study.”

NCCAW supporters and stakeholders have committed to participating and hosting events. The dedicated week helps to emphasize the demand and opportunities that the cybersecurity industry has to offer, increase awareness of the variety of skillsets needed and helps to highlight the numerous pathways to gain access to a career in the field.

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About National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week

The National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week (NCCAW) is focuses local, regional, and national interest to inspire, educate, and engage children through adults to pursue careers in cybersecurity. National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week takes place during November’s National Career Development Month, and each day of the week-long celebration provides for learning about the contributions, innovations, and opportunities that can be found by exploring cybersecurity as a field of study or career choice.

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