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Kepler’s to Help Engineers “Go Beyond Code” as Part of SAP’s Academy for Engineering

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Kepler’s Literary Foundation today announced that it has been chosen by the world’s largest software company, SAP, to participate in an innovative program designed to help engineers move beyond the boundaries of technological expertise. As a public forum for celebrated writers, artists, and original thinkers, Kepler’s Literary Foundation will bring its experience with stimulating cultural discussions to the SAP Academy for Engineering as part of the Academy’s curriculum.

“We are pleased to support SAP in its pioneering work to include the humanities as part of well-rounded training for technologists,” said Jean Forstner, executive director of Kepler’s Literary Foundation. “This program is a unique opportunity for engineers to explore ideas and concepts in philosophy, history, fiction, art, and other aspects of the human experience. We welcome the visiting engineers and look forward to adding richness and context to their participation in the Academy.”

The SAP Academy of Engineering’s Multi-Dimensional Engineering Program is a six-month immersive experience for SAP engineering employees around the world. Cohorts of selected engineers meet in Silicon Valley for two months of training. They then return to their home locations for three months of project work and community activities, returning to Silicon Valley for a final month of immersive learning.

Ferose V.R., founder of SAP’s Academy, explains that the Academy’s curriculum focuses on developing expertise in SAP technologies while also encouraging engineers to exercise courage, curiosity, community, compassion, and a worldview that integrates technology with humanities and business topics. “Our vision is to develop ‘multidimensional engineers’ whose expertise will go beyond merely writing great code. Engineers who attend the Academy will learn to understand the broad impact of technology through space and time and will become skilled in identifying and solving some of the world’s most complex problems. In our program, the real magic happens at the intersection of multiple disciplines, which is why we invited Kepler’s Literary Foundation to participate with us. The SAP Academy for Engineering is in perfect alignment with SAP’s purpose to help the world run better.”

The Foundation will present multiple events featuring noted authors during each engineering cohort’s residence in the Bay Area. The first presenters in the Kepler’s series were Leslie Berlin, Project Historian for the Silicon Valley Archives at Stanford University, and Tamim Ansary, author of The Invention of Yesterday and other works.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to extend the value of literature to our technology community,” said Forstner. “Bringing together thought leaders from the humanities and technology enriches both. We all benefit.”

About Kepler’s Literary Foundation

Kepler’s Literary Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Kepler’s Books in collaboration with the local community. The premier producer of literary and cultural programs in Silicon Valley, Kepler’s Literary Foundation provides a vital forum for notable writers, artists, and original thinkers to engage with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The Foundation’s nationally recognized programs deliver intriguing content, bring writers into local schools, and promote literary and creative writing initiatives. Over the last few years, Kepler’s Literary Foundation has doubled down on inviting America’s truth-tellers to hold important conversations on societal change with our community. These well-attended events have featured notable writers and thinkers such as Chris Hedges, Bill McKibben, Jaron Lanier, Bryan Stevenson, Sherry Turkle, Jane Mayer, and others.

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