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Kering Takes the Lead in the Circular Fashion Transformation, Partnering with CFS by lablaco

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After announcing the new “circularity ambition”, Kering has joined the world’s first virtual-reality fashion summit, Circular Fashion Summit 2021, as an Innovation Partner, showcasing the group’s continued commitment to sustainability and innovation. As part of this year’s innovation hub, the global luxury group will feature a selection of startups working on new circular and sustainable materials from their in-house startup incubator, to pilot and bring them to market by committing to CFS goal n2 – empowering the Impact Design Hub Honorees 2021, by providing materials to create next generation, connected (IoT) and digitized circular products powered by lablaco’s blockchain based circular retail technologies.

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#CFS2021VR_ 3D Art by Foggy Incense

#CFS2021VR_ 3D Art by Foggy Incense

Kering is aiming at driving change within the fashion industry through innovation, and part of our sustainability roadmap is focused on this challenge. As we are thriving to innovate in a 360° approach, we have launched our ‘Circularity Ambition’ earlier this year, with the ambition to transform our business model deeply,” said Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer. “Collaborating with groundbreaking new initiatives, such as the Circular Fashion Summit, help us sharing our best practices as well as sparking our imagination and inspiring us on the long run reaching out our 2025 target,” she added.

Through startups and academia, Kering also develops new sourcing solutions and innovative raw materials with an emphasis on disruptive innovation, using biotechnologies and circular economy principles, such as using recycled fibers to create new garments. In order to take sustainable fashion from a buzzword into a practical solution, the group opened their Materials Innovation Lab in Italy in 2013, a hub with more than 3,000 sustainable fabric samples. Much of the focus is on encouraging change and traceability in the supply chain. The group has also partnered with universities worldwide to design sustainability curriculums.

Together with CFS by lablaco and other 2021 Innovation Partners, Kering will explore the future materials of the circular fashion revolution. With 85% of textiles ending up in landfills or incinerated, Circular Fashion Summit is advocating a new circular economy. Initiatives like Kering’s is how we’ll get there.

Visit for more information on CFS2021. Tickets are available now.

Circular Fashion Summit

Circular Fashion Summit by lablaco is a global collective action summit in VR, taking place 1-3 October, supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Gathering leaders of change from design, technology, and sustainability to share knowledge, most importantly to ignite immediate action on three measurable goals: responsible consumption and production (SDG12), industry innovation and Infrastructure (SDG9), and Reduced Inequalities (SDG10).

The summit is a celebration of impactful design, evolutionary partnerships, and opportunities for the fashion industry to transition to a digitized circular economy. It’s a space to implement real solutions and make positive change happen, collectively.