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Key Mortgage Launches Industry Leading Loan Application Platform

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Mortgage Services, Inc.
recently launched glyde, a loan
application platform that provides buyers a faster, easier, and more
transparent experience. Glyde completely streamlines the process,
and enables users to easily complete their application in about 15
minutes from their desktop or mobile device.

Buyers can securely upload important documents using the camera on their
phone. And, real-time updates are automatically sent to all important
parties — the buyer, buyer’s agent, and seller’s agent — involved in the
transaction for complete transparency at every step in the process.

Glyde has totally transformed the experience our clients have
when they’re applying for a loan,” said Esther Phillips, Key Mortgage
senior vice president of sales. “They have the freedom to engage and
stay up-to-date with the application process at whatever stage they’re
at, whenever they want, and from wherever they want.”

The new platform’s advanced interface also allows loan officers to
virtually guide buyers through the process. “Buyers are able to easily
navigate the entire application process themselves,” said Steve DiMarco,
president of Key Mortgage. “But if they get stuck at any point, our loan
officers are able to request permission and log in to see their client’s
screen from wherever they are, so they can guide them seamlessly through
the steps.”

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