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Khorus Software Makes Leading CEO Platform Free for Organizations of Any Size

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Khorus, the pioneer in business software for CEOs, today announced that its flagship product is entirely free to use for any organization. Founded by veteran CEO Joel Trammell, who has led both private and public companies, Khorus is the first SaaS platform designed specifically with the enterprise chief executive in mind. The platform supports strategic goal setting at scale, including OKRs, and offers weekly predictive insight, talent management capabilities, a dynamic organizational chart, and more.

“Our mission is to make our customers the best-run organizations on earth,” said Trammell. “We are so serious about that mission that we plan to fulfill it even if it means not making a ton of money in the process. As so many businesses are in crisis, we decided to make Khorus entirely free from now on—the fully featured product, no strings. In these difficult times, every CEO should be focused on aligning, engaging, and predicting the performance of their organization. They will now be able to do that free of charge.”

Khorus, previously priced at $15 per user per month, is designed to allow CEOs unprecedented influence in the performance and culture of their organization, particularly once the organization has grown to the enterprise level. Khorus achieves this through three core concepts:

  • Align

    • Khorus allows the CEO to create and share corporate strategy and goals across the entire organization—and gives them full visibility into how each department, team, and person supports those priorities. In adverse times, this level of clarity is critical to every member of the organization.
  • Engage

    • By giving employees a clear sense of purpose, Khorus engages them more deeply in the mission. Every employee grasps organizational structure and strategy and understands their role in success.
  • Predict

    • Khorus is the first platform to collect weekly predictive insight from every employee in the organization. This unique forecasting system shows leadership a real-time picture of future performance, allowing them to address issues before strategic priorities are derailed.

Leaders who use Khorus see a wide spectrum of benefits. “Khorus has made our goal setting more strategic and transparent,” said Bob Bean, cofounder and CEO of Transnetyx. “And the ability to track our priorities and adjust when problems arise is very important.”

“We can now say why and how each of our goals is making a real difference,” said Misti Potter, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area. “We all own part of the strategic plan.”

For customers who would like support and consulting beyond the basic product support available to free customers, Khorus now offers two packages: Enterprise, at $5 per employee per month, and Enterprise+, at $8 per employee per month.

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Khorus Software’s mission is to make its customers the best-run organizations on earth. Based in Austin, Texas, Khorus offers CEOs and leaders a proven platform for delivering predictable performance. In one place, company leadership can set strategic objectives for the company, ensure that employee goals align with strategy, and gather weekly predictive intelligence from the whole organization. Learn more at