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Kingland Announces General Availability of Kingland Text Analytics Suite

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Kingland announced the general availability of the Kingland Text
Analytics Suite, offering natural language processing and machine
learning technology to accurately and automatically identify, tag and
extract data from a variety of sources. Trained language models provide
up to 90 percent accuracy across a variety of financial and corporate
documents, with highly-tuned, source-specific models for narrow use
cases capable of providing over 99 percent accuracy.

The highly-configurable Text Analytics Suite is built on 10 years of
text analytics expertise and methodology. A cloud-hosted data lake
architecture stores an infinite amount of unstructured data from an
unlimited volume of integrated sources.

“Clients can streamline operational efficiency by viewing tagged
documents directly within the user interface, extract key data
attributes and integrate them directly into their organization’s data
systems,” said Matt Good, Kingland Chief Technology Evangelist. “We’re
also featuring the capability to explore any source or document with
SpeedRead, providing immediate access to tagged entities, people, and
configured events within a document.”

augments the efficiency and accuracy of many subject matter experts.
With thousands of news items published daily, plus regulatory filings
and private documents that hold valuable information, SpeedRead can help
experts quickly discover valuable information, make informed decisions,
and improve operational efficiency.

Extract tagged data attributes for direct data integration via APIs and
message queues, providing real-time data updates throughout your
organization. Configure alerts when specific combinations of vital data
points appear within a source or document.

Kingland trains new models to fit a variety of sources and client use
cases to achieve hyper-accuracy. Trained language models can sift
through pronouns, family names, abbreviations, lexemes, other parts of
speech and more. Kingland maintains a library of trained language
models, and can configure new language models to accurately analyze new
sources in a matter of days.

About Kingland

Kingland develops and manages enterprise-class software solutions using
its Kingland Platform and teams of data and technology experts. Leading
public accounting firms, banks, broker dealers, asset managers,
financial utilities, insurance companies, and retailers look to Kingland
to create solutions for data management, risk management, regulatory
compliance, independence, customer insight challenges, and more. The
Kingland Platform is a highly secure, cloud-optimized suite of software
ranging from text analytics capabilities including artificial
intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning, as well
as enterprise data management, analytics, and enterprise workflow
capabilities. For over 25 years, Kingland’s managed solutions have
helped data-intensive, highly-regulated clients discover new ways to
securely grow their business and protect their reputation. For more
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