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Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) at NRF 2020 Showing Accessible Kiosks

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The Kiosk Manufacturer Association aka KMA is in booth 1703 at the
upcoming NRF 2020 Big Show in New York City Jan 12-14. For a preview of
KMA kiosk companies at NRF read our NRF
2020 Preview

NRF Booth Information

Sponsors participating include Olea
, KioWare,
Mayer and Associates, Inc
and Vispero.

For inquiries and meeting times, please contact
or stop by #1703.

The KMA booth will have two kiosks in it, both oriented for QSR and both
with integrated accessibility.

One will be a tablet kiosk by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. See
additional details — Floor
Standing Tablet Kiosk Spec Sheet
. Integrated with a Storm
Audio Nav device
for ADA accessibility, Ingenico IUC285 and running ADUSA,
Inc’s Qi™ software
, it showcases software for NYC-based Kung Fu Tea
/ TKK Chicken.

Pyramid will have their revolutionary 4-in-1 PE-4000 showing QSR
Self-Ordering. It will show accessibility features with JAWS kiosk
software from Vispero and KioWare.

KMA Regulatory Initiatives

Kiosk Accessibility ADA

the KMA ADA research panel today
and help shape the future of
accessible kiosks. KMA also invites you to take our ADA Accessibility
Quiz and qualify for a free consultation review. Register for a free
copy of our MCR (Mandatory Current Requirements) ADA Guidelines as
recommended by the KMA and presented to the U.S. Access Board in
Washington, DC. Take
the quiz here.

EMV Unattended Committee

Join our EMV committee for creating Code of Practice for EMV, in the US
and internationally.

KMA News

If your company, organization, association, local, city, state or
federal agency would like to participate at some level with the KMA
either with ADA or with EMV, please contact
or call 720-324-1837

Thanks for the generous financial support of our GOLD sponsors
| KioWare
| Nanonation
| Pyramid
| Frank
| Vispero
| Zebra