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Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) Meets with U.S. Access Board Advisory Board

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The Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) met with the U.S. Access Board Advisory Board in Washington, DC in September. The KMA presented the Advisory Board with a two-part presentation. One covered the currently mandated ADA and accessibility requirements which KMA will use as its standard. Second, the KMA presented a proposed Code-of-Practice (CoP) which not only encompasses those but also provides additional standards recommended. The CoP includes newly adopted KMA standards for Voice Command and Voice Recognition which we proposed to the U.S. Access Board for consideration.

A potential goal for the KMA is to have the Access Board adopt the KMA Code of Practice, which means it would need to be finalized by a voluntary consensus standards body using processes that feature openness, balance, due process, appeals process, and consensus. Towards that end the KMA is working with various qualified bodies such as ANSI, ICC, ASTM and others on achieving that.

David Capozzi, Executive Director of the U.S. Access Board, said, “We commend KMA for its initiative and leadership in developing industry consensus standards to make self-service kiosks of all types accessible to everyone.”

Matt Ater, VP of Business Development commented for the KMA, “As the world’s leader in assistive technology and accessibility, Vispero joined the KMA Accessibility Committee to advise on standards that will ensure equal access to kiosks for people with disabilities. We recognize the growth in self-service kiosks and want to bring our expertise in understanding the users’ needs. It is key that all technology is both usable and accessible to everyone.”

Peter Jarvis of Storm Interface says, “Membership of the Kiosk Manufacturer Association has provided a new perspective on the important role played by the kiosk industry in delivering Accessible Self Service Technology. Helping kiosk manufacturers and operators to understand the needs of those with sensory, cognitive, mobility or dexterity impairments has been the primary objective of the KMA Accessibility Committee. Continuing activity to ensure kiosk operators are informed about and compliant with legal requirements for system accessibility is part of the KMA’s commitment to supporting Independent Living Initiatives. Storm Interface is a proud sponsor of the Kiosk Manufacturer Association and a member of the Accessibility Committee.”

ADA Committee Co-Chairperson Randy Amundson of Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. spoke and moderated the discussion. Laura Miller of Vispero, also Co-Chairperson, presented as did Peter Jarvis of Storm Interface. Olea Kiosks manager Craig Keefner led off with the initial overview. Participating was Terri McClelland of Dynatouch, Michael O’Hare of Tech For All Consulting and Jim Kruper of KioWare.

If your company, organization, association, local, state or federal agency would like to discuss support of the KMA in some manner, please contact or call 720-324-1837.

The KMA ADA Committee consists of Olea Kiosks, KioWare, KioskGroup, Storm Interface, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., Vispero, Peerless-AV, MimoMonitors, KIOSK (KIS), Turnkey Kiosks, Dynatouch, AudioEye and Tech For All Consulting.

We want to personally thank participants in the ADA KMA Working Committee including Pyramid Computers, NCR Scotland, the Royal National Institute of Blind People, the Federation of the Blind, the University of Maryland, Ingenico, our corporate participants and many more.

Thanks for the generous financial support of our GOLD sponsors Olea Kiosks | KioWare | Nanonation | Pyramid | Frank Mayer | Vispero | ZIVELO