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Kochava Releases Trends Report from Seventh Annual Summit

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Kochava, the leading attribution platform providing real-time data solutions for mobile and connected devices, today announced key trends as reported from the company’s annual Summit. From content-rich discussions spanning fraud, privacy, third-party cookies, measurement, and more, attendees provided in-depth discussions on the “state of the union” of the evolving marketers landscape.

“The Summit is always the major highlight of our year,” said Charles Manning, Founder and CEO of Kochava. “As a company founded on a culture of customer-driven innovation, we look forward to this open platform for taking a deep dive into what’s working and what could be better. As the industry leader in service and support, we work closely with our clients to develop and drive the necessary changes to fuel their growth.”

To learn more insights about the top trends from the Kochava Summit click here to request your copy of our full downloadable report.

Key Industry Highlights from the 2020 Kochava Summit:

  • If you build it, they will consent

Privacy and consent are certain to be two of the most overused terms for 2020 but for good reason. Since the advent of GDPR and more recently CCPA, a new compliance paradigm was born, built, and is blossoming across web and mobile app platforms. Consumers now have a choice in how and to whom they give consent over their data.

  • Dude, where’s my data?

Cookies are going away but it’s not the “tragic downfall” in adtech many have been espousing. At Kochava, we do not rely on third-party cookies, making this change even less important to our customers.

  • There’s a subscription for that!

Subscriptions pose a unique challenge to measurement in that tracking identity is challenging because there are multiple devices per household yet only one subscriber. Marketers need to rethink their messaging to target only unique households to avoid paying for the same customer.

  • Fraud by any other name is still fraud

Fraud is theft, and the scale of ad fraud is staggering. There are many faces to it, but the predominant forms include: flooding of the ad signal, intelligent ad injection (tech on a device monitoring behavior to insert last click), false transparency where data is “laundered” to appear legitimate, and manufactured conversions.

  • Winter is Coming: OTT and the Streaming Wars

With more streaming video on demand (SVOD) publishers, there’s a new battle for the household. The average household has 2.8 SVODs—how do brands capture and maintain their position as “head of the household”?

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