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Kode With Klossy™ Teams Up with Learn & Earn™ to Help Young Women Build Their First Investment Account

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Kode With Klossy and Learn & Earn today announced their collaboration for CS Education week with a short course titled ‘Coding is for Everyone’, available on the new Learn & Earn™ app. The app, developed by gaming company Blast, in conjunction with Junior Achievement USA, allows students to complete short courses on their smartphones and earn real dollars that are then invested in stock market portfolios in their names. The Kode with Klossy course covers coding and technology as a career path for women.

During the worldwide pandemic, 1.2 billion children worldwide have been affected by school closures. The mission of Learn & Earn is to reach some of these students, in particular those from low-income households, who will make up more than 50 percent of the initial users. The Kode With Klossy course addresses the disproportionately low number of women in high-paying technology jobs.

“Learn & Earn is a unique EdTech/FinTech platform that grew out of Junior Achievement’s educational pillars of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness for millions of kids,” explained Walter Cruttenden, founder of Acorns and Chairman of Blast, the developer of Learn & Earn. “We’re excited to partner with Karlie, and the team. Our first course with Kode With Klossy extends our mission by inspiring young women to pursue careers in technology. While learning valuable skills, the Learn & Earn app will teach them how to invest and start building wealth for their future through their own account that they can then use for college tuition, a certificate program, technical school, or to start a business.”

Learn & Earn allows students to select snack-size courses and earn money from sponsors and parents upon completion of each course. Students then invest that money in their investment account with Robo-Bumpers™ to keep their portfolio diversified and growing over time. Students have a “Core” portfolio of the world’s largest diversified ETFs, and they can also select up to ten separate large cap stocks, or ETFs, from a curated “Explore” portfolio. This allows students to invest in fractional shares of companies like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon. Sponsored courses are funded by for-profit and non-profit entities.

Learn & Earn receives support and advice from enterprises and individuals like Franklin Templeton Investments, Roth Capital Partners, and Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler.

The Learn & Earn app will provide students with a remote learning environment that teaches them valuable life skills and lessons not available in traditional school curriculums, while allowing them to invest money for their futures. Learn and Earn is pilot-launching in Chicago, Atlanta, and ten other cities across the country.

The app can be found on the App Store or Google Play by searching for “Learn & Earn – Early Investing”.

About Kode With Klossy

Kode With Klossy creates learning experiences for young women that increase their confidence and inspire them to pursue their passions in a technology-driven world. Founded in 2015 when Karlie Kloss began learning to code, Kode With Klossy hosts summer coding camps for young women aged 13-18 and fosters a national community. Visit for more information.

About Learn & Earn™

Created by the team behind Blast, Learn & Earn™ is the premier app that pays students to learn. Covering real-world topics not taught in school, the bite-sized courses reward students with funds from sponsors and parents. These funds are then invested for students, opening up a whole world of savings and investments for them. Working with preeminent partners and sponsors, Learn & Earn combines the best of FinTech and EdTech to redefine remote learning with courses that cover topics such as financial literacy, potential careers, and life skills. The app’s ultimate mission is simple: Teach young people how to become successful adults. Visit for more information.

About Junior Achievement USA® (JA)

Junior Achievement is the world’s largest and oldest non-profit organization dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future, and make smart academic and economic choices. JA programs are delivered by corporate and community volunteers, and provide relevant, hands-on experiences that give students from kindergarten through high school knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. Today, JA reaches nearly 4.8 million students per year in 105 markets across the United States, with an additional 5.2 million students served by operations in 100 other countries worldwide. Junior Achievement USA is a member of JA Worldwide. Visit for more information.