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KUKA Robotics Showcases LBR iiwa Solution and Human-Robot Collaboration Strategies at Medical Design & Manufacturing Midwest Show 2019

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KUKA Robotics, an intelligent automation solutions global supplier, will be presenting on robotic radio-surgical systems and exhibiting at the Medical Design & Manufacturing Midwest Show (MD&M Midwest) in Minneapolis from Oct. 23-24. Now in its twenty-fifth year, MD&M Midwest connects the top medtech innovators and industry leaders in 3D printing, biocompatible materials, plastics manufacturing, robotics and automation to create solutions and move the industry forward.

While at the event, KUKA will be demonstrating its LBR iiwa – the world’s first human-robot-collaboration-compatible robot – at booth #528. The LBR iiwa allows humans and robots to work in close cooperation on highly sensitive tasks, such as extracting biopsies– making it an ideal solution for medtech professionals looking to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

On-site experts will be available to showcase the benefits of the LBR iiwa through a hand-guiding demonstration that will allow attendees to trace a pattern to teach the LBR iiwa robot a particular movement. The robot will then perform the movement on its own, until another attendee traces a new path for the robot to follow.

The LBR iiwa demonstrates the fifth stage of the six stages of human-robot collaboration (HRC) by providing true collaboration opportunities between the human and robot; the one needs the other for the process at hand to occur.

“We know medtech professionals experience challenges with efficiency, accuracy and reliability, so we wanted to showcase how they can overcome these issues with HRC technology,” said Steve Green, President at KUKA US. “When you apply HRC to the many capabilities our solutions already have – such as manufacturing, research and development, surgeries and diagnostics – you end up with much more adaptable solutions that fit your specific needs. And that’s something that is invaluable in the medtech industry, in particular.”

KUKA has a proven track record of tailoring its HRC solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs, including Sensus Healthcare, which KUKA’s Manager of Medical Robots Corey Ryan and Sensus Healthcare CTO Kal Fishman will discuss during the “Developing & Manufacturing a State-of-the-Art Robotic Radio-Surgical System: Supplier Partnership Strategies for a Successful Launch” session at the show. They will discuss Sensus Healthcare’s recently FDA-cleared Sculptura®, a robotic radiation therapy system that uses directional image-guiding technology. The system uses a KUKA robot to provide patients with novel 3D directional intraoperative and Brachytherapy at a tumor site. Attendees can hear Corey and Kal’s presentation on Thursday, October 24 at 3 p.m.

Corey will also be participating in a panel titled “Is Your Resume Better than a Robot’s?” which will explore how humans stack up against their robotic counterparts, along with how the balance could be shifting in the near future. The panel session will take place on Thursday, October 24 at 12:15 p.m.

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