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Ladder Now Announces Partnership with Next Gear Solutions

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Ladder Now, a tech-driven inspection network that serves as the leading provider of high quality and reliable inspection services to the P&C industry has today announced an integration partnership with Next Gear Solutions, the leader of guideline automation for instantly creating and auditing P&C estimates. The integration enables Ladder Now inspection data to transfer in real-time to Next Gear Solution’s SettleAssist guideline engine, creating an accurate draft scope of repair in the estimating system.

“Our customers are continuously seeking new ways to innovate the claims process, and we’re striving to deliver that in the most efficient, accurate, and economical way. Our services and technologies have grown substantially over the past year, and our partners at Next Gear are evolving at a very similar pace,” said Russ Carroll, CEO of Ladder Now. “Combining the live data our expert inspectors collect in our proprietary Maestro inspection application with SettleAssist enables us to provide an end-to-end solution in a fraction of the typical cycle time. The result is an increase in the production of our claim owners, more than ever before.”

“Our organization is known for partnerships that help customers achieve the most efficient claims workflows utilizing leading technologies. Ladder Now combined with SettleAssist does exactly that and helps our customers run a consistently smarter business,” said Jake Labrie, President of Carrier Solutions for Next Gear.

About Ladder Now:

Ladder Now is a tech-driven inspection network founded in 2012 with a mission to offer high quality and reliable inspection services, all while speeding up the carriers’ claim cycle time and offering exemplary customer service. Today Ladder Now accelerates the industry trend to virtualize the claim adjustment model with relationships with 150 P&C Insurance Carriers in all 50 states.

About Next Gear Solutions:

Next Gear Solutions provides an innovative and dynamic software platform to the property restoration industry, injecting paperless processes, guideline intelligence, and workflow automations throughout the property restoration and claim process. The platform solutions include Dash, LuxorCRM, and MICA, and are used by more than 8,000 mitigation contractor companies; SettleAssist and QualityAssist are used by the majority of the nation’s 25 largest insurance carriers.