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Launch Academy, Boston-Based Coding Bootcamp, Recognized as “Best Bootcamp” by Course Review Sites

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Launch Academy, an 18 week, intensive coding bootcamp, today announced that they have been named the “Best Bootcamp” from both industry-leading course review sites, SwitchUp and Course Report.

SwitchUp considers themselves a trusted bootcamp resource since 2014, with a rankings list based primarily on review scores from verified alumni. Since 2013, the team at Course Report has been researching, tracking and sharing the latest on the coding bootcamp industry and hosts thousands of alumni reviews.

Launch Academy’s best bootcamp recognition by SwitchUp is 5 years running, most recently in 2020, as well as the years of 2016 through 2019. Course Report also awarded Launch Academy best bootcamp for the 2019-2020 years, as well as prior years of 2017 and 2018.

“We continue to be grateful and in awe of our alumni community. Their courage to take such a giant leap in changing their career, combined with the willingness to share their story and experience, makes what we do rewarding beyond measure. Their success is our success. We’re thrilled to see them doing great things both in Boston and abroad!” said Dan Pickett, Co-Founder, Launch Academy.

Founded in 2012, Launch Academy teaches students to code through a hands-on and challenge-based approach, with on campus programs designed to get them into web development in just a semester. Before the program starts, Launchers complete 150-180 hours of interactive pre-learning where they learn the fundamentals of programming. Once on campus, students learn what they need to become professional, full-stack software developers via experiential learning. Over the last 7 years, Launch Academy has refined a learning path that is oriented towards pair programming and small group work.

About Launch Academy

Launch Academy is an immersive education program for software developers. We provide job-ready software development skills.

Our Instructional Philosophy, emphasizing Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and Agile Methodologies, aims to recreate the environment of a software development team and has successfully trained 750+ aspiring developers into effective contributors that can code from day one.

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