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LCGC Presents Webcast on Better Insights into Charge Variants of Therapeutic IgGs

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LCGC, a leading multimedia platform of peer-reviewed technical
information on the field of chromatography and the separation sciences,
will host a live webcast, “Better Insights into Charge Variants of
Therapeutic IgGs” on Friday, June 21, at 11 a.m. EDT.

“Comprehensive characterization of charge variants in a Monoclonal
Antibodies (mAb) population is crucial; however, there are several
challenges using traditional reversed-phase Liquid Chromatography – Mass
Spectrometry for charge variant analysis of intact mAbs,” said Tom
Ehardt, president MultiMedia Healthcare, LLC. “We are excited to welcome
our guest speaker, Dr. Fang Wang, who will introduce us to a single
workflow program for a successful charge variants analysis.”

Dr. Wang, biopharma development scientist at Sciex, has an extensive
research capability with analytical techniques for biological and
biophysical characterization ion channels on membrane. In the past, Dr.
Wang has worked as an analytical chemist in Amgen and an analytical
scientist in Agensys.

Laboratory managers, scientists at biopharmaceutical companies and
liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis users are invited to
attend the webcast. Key learning objectives include performing online
intact level charge variants characterization for mAbs, high-sensitivity
separation of basic and acidic National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST) mAb charge variants and accurately learn how to
characterize charge variants and identify their major glycan species.

To learn more and to register, click here.

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