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Leading Analytics Service Provider Quantzig Says Business Leaders Should Focus on Big Data and Knowledge Management to Bounce Back from The Crisis | Here’s Why

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Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its recent article that sheds light on the growing importance of big data and knowledge management and its impact on critical business processes in the new era.

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A key factor determining success in the modern business world is the availability of data at the right time and place and in the right format. As such, businesses are fast transforming to adapt to the ongoing shifts in today’s data-driven world. These shifts have changed business processes, generating huge troves of data sets that cannot be analyzed using traditional rules-based methods. At the same time, the developments in AI and data management have brought the promises of big data and knowledge management back into the forefront. Hence its quite evident that digitalization driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and cloud computing will have a profound effect on how businesses process data and share insights in the new normal.

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A well-defined big data and knowledge management process plays a pivotal role in enabling business transformation by building a sustainable and progressive business culture. Its benefits include-

  1. Knowledge management and AI help improve productivity while paving the way for development and innovation in processes
  2. Big data and knowledge management enable businesses to deal effectively with the changes in the market
  3. Implementing a robust knowledge management process can help develop and align strategies with business objectives

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Case in Point: How Enterprise Data Management Helped a Manufacturing Company to Improve Operational Excellence

The client, a well-known manufacturer and supplier of industrial equipment, screw couplings, suspensions, and gears based out of the United States, wanted to adopt new technologies to sharpen their data management capabilities. A siloed data management system resulted in data being stored in multiple systems, giving rise to several predicaments that hindered the client’s market expansion efforts. To effectively tackle these challenges, the client approached Quantzig to develop and implement a big data and knowledge management system. Our domain knowledge and expertise in big data analytics helped the client to integrate a robust data management strategy across their enterprise. Our unique ‘data-driven + analytics powered’ approach also played a crucial role in helping the client achieve their objectives by skillfully tackling the challenges around big data and knowledge management.

Several big data and knowledge management challenges confronted by players across industries can be addressed by adopting a structured approach to enterprise data management. Request a demo for detailed insights.

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