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Leading Businesses Are Incorporating AI Into Their Supply Chain Processes to Gain a Leading Edge | Quantzig Reveals the Top Five Ways AI-Powered Analytics is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized
analytics solutions, has announced the completion of its free resource on
AI-powered analytics is revolutionizing supply chain management
In today’s digital era, the evolution of new data formats and
disruptive AI technologies have brought in major challenges for players
across industries. Artificial intelligence based technologies are not
only transforming the way modern enterprises function but have also
paved way for new opportunities.

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How AI-Powered Analytics is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management (Graphic: Business Wire)

How AI-Powered Analytics is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management (Graphic: Business Wire)

In today’s complex business scenario, businesses that do not harness the
power of AI and machine learning are at a greater risk of being left
behind. Today, several BI-based analytics processes benefit from AI.
AI-powered analytics tools empower humans and machines to work
intuitively, making the work process more fluid and adaptive. This has
also helped players across industries to improve in-store interactions,
social-media engagements, increase purchase preferences, and personalize
customer interactions to improve customer engagements.

“Businesses that learn to harness the power of AI and machine
learning and integrate them with advanced analytics capabilities sooner,
rather than later, are set to gain an early advantage,” says a supply
chain analytics expert from Quantzig.

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How AI-powered analytics is revolutionizing
supply chain management

  • Enhances demand forecasting accuracy

Owing to the uncertainty in demand-supply scenarios, demand forecasting
has turned out to be a challenging task for logistics and supply chain
professionals. However, with AI-powered analytics solutions businesses
can now track and measure all the factors that affect their demand
forecasting accuracy.

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  • Improves order management capability

Without reliable data and a robust forecast process businesses fail to
deliver precise outcomes. Leveraging AI-based solutions helps businesses
to rapidly digest the gigantic troves of sales information, SKU, and
store data, delivering actionable insights that aid enterprise decision

  • Increases the effectiveness of supplier relationship management

Supplier-related risks are major concerns for businesses, a wrong choice
of supplier could significantly affect an organizations reputation and
cause significant losses. With AI-powered analytics solutions,
businesses can now analyze supplier data such as on-time and in-full
delivery performance, credit scores, audits, and other such information
while selecting suppliers.

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