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Leading Digital Health Company Poised for Dynamic Growth as PaceMate™’s Kevin Campbell Transitions to Become biocynetic™’s Chief Innovation Officer and Rod Williams Joins as New PaceMate™ President and CEO

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PaceMate™ and its parent company biocynetic™ are excited to announce two
strategic leadership shifts as Rod Williams moves from Independent
Director of the board of biocynetic™ to become PaceMate™’s new President
and CEO and as Dr. Kevin Campbell continues on the PaceMate™ board of
directors and joins the executive team of biocynetic™ as CIO.

Since biocynetic™ and its premier brand PaceMate™ launched a unique,
cloud-based, health data management platform and software, both Campbell
and Williams have contributed a wealth of experience in the medical
industry toward the company’s success within the digital health space.

Rod Williams Is New PaceMate™ President and CEO

Rod Williams brings more than twenty years of medical technology and
customer relationship management experience to his new role with
PaceMate™. His past senior executive positions at St. Jude Medical, GE
Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, and Bausch & Lomb, and his capabilities
in product portfolio development and growth cycle leadership have
prepared him well to move PaceMate™ forward efficiently as a digital
health leader. “My breadth of executive leadership across different
sectors has allowed me to learn exactly how other industries solve
similar problems,” Williams said. “Bringing that particular expertise to
PaceMate™ will allow us as a company to differentiate from our

Prior to joining PaceMate™ as President and CEO, Williams served as the
Corporate Vice President of Portfolio and Services with Align
Technology—manufacturer of Invisalign®, as Entrepreneur-in-Residence
with private equity investment firm PTV Healthcare Capital, and as
President and CEO of Heart Rhythm Society Consulting Services. “My work
in the heart rhythm industry has given me unique insights into problems
that clinics and patients experience today as well as emerging trends
and the increasing need to reduce costs while improving patient care,”
he explained. “The industry overall has operated in the past much like
an analog model, but the digital technology is changing, allowing
patients to take full advantage of implanted smart devices. PaceMate™ is
at the forefront of this development—pioneering unique proprietary
technologies and leveraging the clinical expertise necessary to lead
that change.”

Williams believes the future is bright for PaceMate™. “We are uniquely
positioned, with biocynetic™ as our parent company, to enable data to be
analyzed, making it more actionable and useful in developing more
efficient services to improve customer care. PaceMate™ is poised to
bring advanced features to existing products, using feedback from our
customers to improve the user experience and better serve their needs.”

Kevin Campbell Takes on Greater Leadership as biocynetic™ CIO

In a coordinate strategic move to connect the premier health data
platform with patient-centered care, the board of biocynetic™ has also
announced Dr. Kevin Campbell’s new role as Chief Innovation Officer.

Campbell, an internationally recognized cardiologist and
electrophysiologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of
heart rhythm disorders, joined biocynetic™ in 2017 during his service as
PaceMate™’s first CEO and President. His history as medical advisor for
multiple medical device vendors and as an insightful pioneer in digital
health development has enabled him to propel the PaceMate™ brand forward
significantly in the last eighteen months.

Dr. Campbell reviewed his role in PaceMate™’s dynamic history as a
recent startup: “My experience with PaceMate™ has allowed me to see
firsthand the power and potential of biocynetic™ to commercialize a
portfolio of data insights and digital services which are truly unique
while advancing the future of medicine in the cardiovascular space.”

Now, as biocynetic™ comes out of the shadows and establishes itself
further as a pioneer in digital healthcare analytics, Campbell hopes to
use his experience as physician, medical advisor, and digital thought
leader to maintain close connection to PaceMate™ while expanding the
parent company’s reach and commercial impact and creating strong working
relationships with prominent cardiovascular researchers worldwide. “My
new role encompasses strategy, development of software, understanding
our data, and knowing how data can service a variety of applications and
stakeholders, including patients,” Campbell explained. “My work is to
bridge the gap between PaceMate™’s clinically relevant software program
that is helping patients every day and the big data capabilities of
biocynetic™—using collected data in predictive analytics to anticipate
outbreaks, disease, and device failures.”

The board of biocynetic™ believes these changes in leadership will
strengthen the PaceMate™ brand and enable biocynetic™ to focus on fully
understanding the database it is creating and on development of a more
intuitive user interface. “We have tremendous opportunity to leverage
machine learning and neural networks in order to recognize patterns that
physicians may not see during a routine clinic visit,” Campbell
explained. “These are the kinds of industry advances biocynetic™ is
passionate and excited about in 2019.”

About biocynetic™

biocynetic™ software receives, monitors, catalogs, and shares
clinically actionable data from disparate sources. Researchers, doctors,
and patients can access this data in real time through one integrated
platform, reducing cost of care and improving patient outcomes.
Connected big data improves workflow and increases revenue while
producing real-world clinical evidence for better decision-making.

About PaceMate™

PaceMate™, powered by biocynetic™, is a complete, fully automated,
vendor-neutral software + expert-service solution, filtering data into
clinically actionable information and providing customized alert triage,
as well as automated coding and claim prep. For more information about
this 24/7/365 remote monitoring solution, visit or call