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Leading Urgent Care Provider Expands Reach to Include House Calls

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On-demand, virtual health care provider Remedy announced today an expansion of its services in Texas to provide quick-dispatched house calls along with in-home COVID-19 and antibody testing, a convenient option for those needing non-emergency treatment or wary of coming in for a doctor’s appointment.

Remedy’s combination of personalized, convenient virtual visits and reliable house calls signals a new phase in American health care and private-sector innovation by bringing the doctor to those who need it in the comfort of their home. Remedy is leveraging both in-home and virtual visits to assist as many patients as possible amid the pandemic.

Among the first health care providers to offer in-home COVID-19 testing, Austin-based Remedy will offer PRC (swab) and blood draw tests from 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. daily in Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio, with results in 48-72 hours. Patients can simply call or book an appointment online, starting with a 24/7 virtual video visit from their phone, tablet or laptop.

“We’ve witnessed a truly seismic shift in the need for virtual health care because of the pandemic. Now, with this expansion, we can even more effectively reach patients where they are, when they need it, remotely or in their homes,” said Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch, founder and CEO of Remedy. “It makes sense, keeping people home and away from other sick people, if they don’t have the virus. If they do, it keeps them home and not out infecting others.”

Remedy has been a proven solution in major markets in Texas and has seen an increase in the past year of over 600% in overall volume of patient visits virtually and in-person. Remedy emphasizes delivering the highest quality service, as fast as possible, at the lowest end-cost to the patient.

Since April, COVID-19 and antibody testing has been available at Remedy’s drive-thru open-air clinics across most major Texas markets. The company’s house call service includes a variety of other treatments beyond COVID-19 and antibody testing, including those in need of help for stiches, strep, skin inflections, minor burns, prescription refills and more.

Remedy accepts most major insurance carriers, including Medicare.

About Remedy

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch, Remedy is an urgent care service that provides board-certified physician assistants and nurse practitioners to treat patients. Remedy provides two convenient ways to meet their urgent care needs, home visits and telemedicine appointments, both easily accessible from Patients receive a higher quality of care and convenience through Remedy’s more personal approach. Convenient Care is the future of the medical field, and the urgent care service that Remedy provides ensures quality with convenience. For more information, visit