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LeadingResponse Introduces White-Labeled Webinar Solution for Professional Services Clients

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LeadingResponse, the national leader in client acquisition for the professional services industry, today announced the release of WebinarConnect, its new white-labeled webinar solution enabling clients to easily engage ideal prospects anytime and from anywhere – all that’s needed is a browser. Unlike other webinar options in the market, WebinarConnect utilizes client branding for promotion, registration pages, invites, and more.

Developed to be an effective and efficient alternative to traditional seminars and workshops, WebinarConnect uses a cloud-based platform, allowing attendees to instantly join a webinar without the requirement of downloading any software. Designed to broaden attendee engagement, the solution enables clients to create branded quizzes, polls, chats, surveys, calls-to-action, and more.

“With WebinarConnect, you interact naturally with your attendees,” says Matthew Kearney, CEO of LeadingResponse. “It’s as easy as presenting at a seminar in the offline world. We understand that some clients might struggle with webinars, so our solution comes with a concierge approach. Our team will be on hand with dry runs, best practices tips and will be present during the live webinar to troubleshoot any issues. This ensures that clients of any size can take advantage of this innovative solution that will help them grow their business.”

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