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LeafyQuick CBD Delivery Service Joins CLIC Technology’s ClicPay Online Payment Gateway Pilot Program to Revolutionize the $20 Billion CBD Industry

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Technology, Inc.
(OTC Pink: CLCI)
(“the Company”) is lending its much-needed services to the emerging
cannabis and CBD industries, joining forces with Chicago’s LeafyQuick
CBD Delivery Service (“LeafyQuick”). LeafyQuick has opted to register
for the Company’s ClicPay
online payment gateway
pilot program, a revolutionary cryptocurrency
platform for merchants that will accept blockchain payments and convert
them into local currency securely, all within 24 hours. The program is a
step towards the future for companies like LeafyQuick, allowing them to
sidestep burdensome regulations imposed by payment processors over an
industry which experts predict will soon be worth
upwards of $20 billion

is an expanding new CBD product delivery company out of Chicago that
works with highly-trusted CBD brands and local retailers to curate
carefully selected products that meet the highest standards. Users can
explore a wide selection, check availability, and compare prices and
reviews before having it delivered to their doorstep, all from the
comfort of their home at an affordable price.

The ClicPay Merchant Gateway will offer LeafyQuick and others like them
a quick setup with simple integration, an option that gives the whole
CBD industry the capability to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments

“CBD and Cannabis are highly discriminated against, which makes finding
payment processors very challenging and expensive,” said LeafyQuick
Co-Founder Michael Reznik. “ClicPay allows us to break down these
unnecessary barriers so we can get back to the business of doing what we
do best, which is serving our customers.”

On top of the benefits of integrating cryptocurrencies into an everyday
business model, merchants should take note, as some analysts predict
that Bitcoin could reach
an all-time high within the next six months

“We are extremely excited to be working with LeafyQuick, and to be able
to help move the CBD industry forward,” said CLIC Technology CEO Roman
Bond. “Turning cryptocurrency into everyday fiat is going to be a
game-changer for many in the industry.”

About CLIC Technology, Inc.:

The Company, a “Financial Technology” company, is the developer and
marketer of new, cutting-edge blockchain products and services. It has
created a revolutionary “crypto-payment gateway system” that allows
consumers to use cryptocurrency to make routine purchases online and
that enables merchants to accept crypto payments and receive immediate
settlements in traditional fiat currencies. Market introduction of the
new crypto-payment gateway system and related services is planned to
occur in a phased rollout in the United States and other major markets
in the coming months.

About LeafyQuick:

LeafyQuick is an online ordering and delivery platform that helps
provide legal access to CBD and Endocannabinoid products. Consumers can
explore, review, purchase carefully selected products that meet the
highest standards and schedule recurring or even same day delivery.
LeafyQuick also works with retailers, distributors and manufacturers to
provide a technology-enabled distribution channel to help expand their
businesses and brand. Empower businesses to reach consumers that want
the convenience of online shopping but the service of a neighborhood

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